Saturday, 14 April 2012


I just thought i,d post a picture of my new toy which i,m hoping will give me hours of fishing fun.
Shes really lightweight so I can pop her on my shoulder and walk a good distance with her if I choose. I bought the glassfibre hull from a chappy not far from Downham Market and had my Dad fit the gunnels, seats and ancillaries for me. She looks great and I can,t wait to give her a maiden voyage.

My plans are to use her on a couple of local small rivers where I can get to areas where its not feasible to bank fish ( and not allowed). Also I fancy having a go at bass fishing from her as a local estaury where I have found some good bass ground has little current and would be ideal to trot a float fished peeler crab down tide or even have a go at lure fishing for them. I might even take her up the Fens and try a couple of drains.

Friday, 13 April 2012


Well its been quite a while since I last posted on here, basically because i,ve been too busy. What with finishing off a large contract at work and then re-locating my business warehouse I just havn,t had any time to actually do any fishing.

I wasn,t totally out of the loop with regards to my pastime, as I have been making plans and preparing myself for when the dusk clears business wise. I managed to get a syndicate place at a very large local water which i,ve wanted to fish for years. This reservoir is over 100 acres in size and is best part under fished, its got specimens of most species but only seems to get fished by the carp boys, this is great for me as i,ll happily catch a carp or two, and theres some right big lumps present, but its the tench, bream, roach and perch that are getting me excited. I,ve heard rumours of double figure tench, bream to over mid doubles, big roach and 4lb perch being caught by the boilie brigade and nobody seems to fish intentionally for them, until now............

I,ve fished the water for pike in the past and have done reasonably well with fish to mid doubles, but it was the sight of two huge fish that I saw follow my lures that makes me think that theres still a monster in there somewhere. Ryan and i have also seen a few carp topping 30lb cruising just under the surface as we,ve been trolling lures around. Thats the main reason why he,s joined as well, he does like his mudsuckers does our Ryan.

Well a couple of weeks ago I did actually manage a weekends fishing this water as I just couldn,t hold off anymore, so the work got pushed to one side and turned up on the bank friday afternoon ready to fish through to sunday. I didn,t have any high expectations as I really was only there to have a break from the boredom of work and to start mapping out and learning about the water. Well I won,t bore you with details as it was a pretty unproductive session but I did manage to land a new pb bream of 7lb 9oz, as well as learning a fair bit about the water.
Over all I had a nice relaxing time, tried out a couple of new techniques, christened one of my new rods and caught a decent fish on my first visit. What more can I ask for.........