Wednesday, 29 August 2012

ALMOST HERE.........

At 6.30 this morning i left for work as usual, i generally do this 6 times a week as most of you do. Unfortunately we all have to work to pay for the trappings of modern life. But the past couple of mornings have been different, i,ve felt that slight coolness in the air. You can smell it too, Autumn, that is. It gives a slight cool, musky, fresh smell which re-freshens the senses. I love it............

Some of the trees locally have started to drop some leaves. And as you look across the fields you can see that the colours are starting to dullen as the leaves start to turn.

Farmers have been busy harvesting their fields which is always a sign of summer ending. And if you keep watch over these fields you,ll notice that the wood pigeons are started to group together.

Autumn is on its way....................


A couple of days ago i was sitting at my desk in the office trying my best to catch up on my ever increasing  paperwork but my head wasn,t in it. All i could think of was sitting in the sun by some water and attempting to catch some fish. I tried in vain to dismiss these thoughts and carry on number crunching but to no avail. Eventually, as always, the uncontrollable desire to wet a line over came me and i downed pen, turned off the computer and toddled of to my tackle room to grab some kit.

The problem now was what i actually should fish for and where. Within a 10 mile radius of where i live i have 6 club waters, 1 syndicate water, numerous miles of day ticket river and god knows how many miles of the Crouch and Blackwater estuaries to fish. Decision decisions!!!!! In the end i opted to take the light lure gear to my syndicate water and have a bash as last time i was there i spent an evening watching good size perch smashing through shoals of fry underneath the tips of my carp rods. It had to be worth a go..............

Well in a nut shell after a couple of hours lure tossing i hadn,t even received a tug. What made it even tougher going was the weed coverage of the lake, its covered in the stuff. Literally every cast resulted in a strand of weed hanging of the hooks. In the end i gave up and just had a nice leisurely stroll around the lake. What i saw in a shallow bay area of the lake made me stop in my tracks. Everywhere you looked big rudd were topping and rolling over the weed. Not just a few here and there but lots of them all over the area. For half an hour i watched numerous small shoals of them drift around .

That was all i could take so i shot of back to get some float gear via the local tackle shop to pick up some maggots. Around an hour later i was back at the lake setting my gear up in a swim just of off the weedy shallow area, the theory being that a constant rain of maggots on the water would draw the rudd out of the weed into slightly clearer water. I needn,t of worried as soon as my first pouch of maggots hit the water the constant boils on the surface showed that the rudd were already there. Out went my weighted waggler and within seconds my float shot away. After a cracking scrap on 3lb mainline with 1lb 8oz hooklink and size 18 hook a gorgeous rudd of just under a pound lay in my landing net.

And thats how the next couple of continued. I,d fire out a dozen maggots then cast my single maggot hookbait over the top of them then as my unweighted bait dropped through the water a bar of gold would snaffle it. I ended my short evening session with over 30lb of pristine rudd with half a dozen going over the 1lb mark and the rest being over half pound in weight. There was definately bigger rudd showing but i couldn,t seem to get through the smaller ones to get to them. Not that i,m complaining.

 The smallest perch i,ve ever caught. I,ve seen some big perch hunting in this lake so i,m looking forward to when the cooler weather arrives so i can target them.
I don,t normally use a keepnet as i prefer to return fish straight away but i wanted to see how many rudd i,d catch on this occasion. Over 30lb of gorgeous golden rudd in pristine condition.

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Well i,ve finally done what i,ve wanted to do for many years. I,ve started my own tackle shop. I know have an on-line tackle shop selling all the terminal tackle that you will need. My aim is to stock as many companies tackle as possible so that you,ll have a one stop shop for whatever you will need. So check out my website and find the items that your local shop doesn,t stock.

I,m adding new stock weekly so keep popping in to see which manufacturers we have. At the moment i have:


As well as numerous other small companies.


Since returning from holiday i,ve only managed one over night session on my syndicate water. Unfortunately this didn,t result in any carp on the bank but i did have 6 screaming runs which resulted in 6 good thumps on the rod as lifted into them which then resulted in me reeling in 6 great big balls of weed with no fish hidden inside. This water is a nightmare as there is so much weed in it making it really hard to find a clear spot. And when you find a spot to place a bait when you finally get a run the carp lodge tight in a nearby weedbed as soon as you pick the rod up. I will get to grips with the place, i just need to spend a bit more time there.

I did manage this cracking rudd on a zig rig with a small imitation beetle on the hook. First time i,ve used a zig before. Unfortunately it didn,t register a take and i only realised it was there when i reeled in. It has given me a little idea about trying for the rudd with smaller zigs on my lighter gear sometime though. I reckon that could be good fun.

I said a couple of posts back that i was going to be cooking better quality food on the bank from now on, so heres my first recipe for you to try out.


Pour boiling water over a pack of chow mein noodles as per instructions. Drain and place to one side.

Chop up some peppers, onions and mushrooms and lightly fry until they soften. Then add a little soy sauce, a little fish sauce and a little five spice. I,d already mixed these at home to save time, you could chop the veg at home too. When done tip the veg in with the drained noodles.

I,d bought some ready chopped turkey from the supermarket to make life easier. Chuck it in the same pan as you cooked the veg in and brown until cooked all the way through. Add a little more of the sauce type stuff then tip the veg and noodles back in the pan with the meat and stir until everything is warmed through.

DONE !!!!!!!!!


Well its been quite some time since i last updated my blog. Not a lot has happened really fishing wise, i,ve been really busy getting my new business venture of the ground and taking a much needed holiday in the sun with my lovely lady. I have been making plans for this winters fishing though and am chomping at the bit for the pike season to begin. I do lure fish a little during the summer but its the winters bait fishing that gets my blood flowing. I,ve also been doing some research into a couple of local club waters that have catfish in them ready for next season.

Well lets start with the holiday, and what a holiday it was too. We spent a fortnight on the Island of St Vincent in The Grenadines, at a beautiful resort called Buccament Bay. The resort was fantastic, beautiful setting, good food, friendly people, good food, cracking weather, good food. Does it show I like my grub!!!
Anyway i,ll not go into the holiday too much just the spot of fishing I did while we were there. As it was my 40th birthday while I was out there my other half  booked a day deep sea fishing which I was really looking forward too. Apparently we had the chance of catching many pelagic species including sailfish, tuna, barracuda, wahoo and some others which I can,t remember. We were picked up from the beach of the resort and motored of for half hour or so to a man made fish attracting device around 3 miles out to sea. Here we began to troll lures to see what was at home. For an hour or so nothing happened, then we started to see baitfish jump out of the water, and shortly afterwards I landed a very small Bonito Tuna. We continued to troll through  shoals of small fish which were getting more and more agitated and exploding on the surface as a predator swam through them, but didn,t get anymore takes. In the end I told the skipper i fancied having a go for these smaller fish for a bit and proceeded to set up my sneeker 5 piece rod i,d brought with me. I started to throw a small silver bar spoon i,d brought which i,ve used for mackeral of the coast of Devon and straight away started getting hits. After a couple of hours chucking lures i,d managed a few Creval Jacks to around a pound or so. We kept these and used them as bait for some more trolling. At the end of the day i,d only managed the small fish mentioned which i was a little disappointed with as i would loved to of caught a pelagic fish as they look great fun to catch. Never mind it was an experience.
I actually spent most of the time snorkelling over a reef around 50yds from the resorts beach where there was thousands of brightly coloured fish resident. It was amazing just drifting around watching dozens of different species go about their business. I did have a little dangle from the rocks one evening and managed to catch a few different species on prawns. The most colourful is the one pictured, they were all micro fish but good fun none the less.
I,d love to go back there but this time have a serious spot of fishing from the boat, as well as further out in the bay of the resort as every now and then you,d see a long large fish job clear of the water further out.