Monday, 19 May 2014


For those of you who were wondering what 'THE BEAST' was, she is my fishing truck, a  Mitsubishi L200 i,ve owned from new. I,ve modified her a bit for my fishing purposes by fitting a towbar to tow my boat, extending the truckman roof so i can slide my rods above the cab on some rails i,ve fitted, i,ve run electrics inside the rear of the truckman for some lights so i can load and unload in the dark, and i,ve also had the rear suspension uprated for when i have to offroad her. All in all i think shes perfect for my fishing needs. Oh and she comes in handy for work as well............


Saturday just gone saw me getting a pass from 'she who must be obeyed' to spend the night fishing as she was off out with friends. Now i only found this out saturday morning so i promptly rushed through my days work, loaded up 'The Beast' and shot over to my syndicate water to try for tench and maybe a carp. Unfortunately after a check around the water and ear marking a couple of swims, when i actually went back to them they were taken by carpers, bummer. Oh well i thought i,ll settle for a swim which i,ve had my eye on for a while, but lo and behold when i got there a chappie was there chucking lures for the resident pike. I spent the next half hour or so chatting with this chap, he was a nice guy, before loading up the barrow and walking around to the next swim along. By 6.30 i had 3 rods set up, 2 for the carp and one for tench. I,d seen bream and possibly tench rolling to the left of this swim so i was hopeful.

 I baited the area i,d seen the fish roll with a right old concoction of hemp, seeds, pellets, corn, groundbait and a few crushed boilies which i had soaked in hemp oil, Mainline pineapple active ade and Sticky Baits bloodworm liquid. I spombed a couple of kilos out to a fairly tight area at 30 yards as this was where the rolls had been. I then baited an area to my right 5 yards out from some reeds with about half kilo of boilies for the hopefully patrolling carp to find. As you can see from the picture it was pretty weedy for 25 ft out in front of the swim until the depth dropped to 6ft where it eased up a bit.

On the tench spot i was using a method rig with artificial corn on the hook. I was using Pallatrax's bloodworm and maggot crush for the first time and have to say its cracking stuff. I gave the mix a good dose of molasses as this sweet goo seems to be a tench magnet when i,ve used it before. This rig was cast every 20 minutes or so to help build up even more attraction in the swim. Over the scattered boilies i cast a critically balanced boilie hookbait, balanced so it would just gently settle on the silk weed which i,d found on the bottom. The third rod i set up a naked chod rig and regularly moved it around to try and locate any carp. This was baited with a white chocolate pop-up which i had soaking in the pink almond goo from Korda. It looked and smelt great but was horrible and sticky and easily stained anything that it touched, i ended up covered in pink marks on my hands, arms and legs, but its meant to be good stuff as my mate Ryan has been having good success with the stuff.

Once i was happy the rods were on their spots nicely and the swim was tidy and everything sorted, i settled down to make my dinner. Texas style steak with mushrooms and sliced peppers, who said you had to rough it when fishing. Dinner devoured and a nice Latte downed i sat outside the bivvy watching the water as the light slowly started to fade. There was quite a lot of action with silvers flipping on the surface as well as a few bream rolling and i even heard a carp bosh out further up the bank. My expectations were high as i,d been having quite a few beeps on the tench rod as fish were knocking the method ball around to get at the goodies inside. Finally i had an absolute screamer of a run on the tench rod which resulted in a huge slick, from my hemp oil i believe, appear on the surface above my rig. I jumped for the rod but the run was over before i,d even picked it up. The speed it shot off had to of been a carp, and considering most of the carp in this water are over 20lb i was a bit gutted to say the least.

Nothing else happened for a couple of hours until a twitchy bite resulted in this bream of about 6lb at 10pm on the method. After that fish it was a quite night and i managed to sleep best part through the night without disturbance. I awoke the following morning to the sun already beating in through the bivvy door and a pair of ducks feeding beneath my rods. I fished on for another couple of hours but didn,t catch anything else. I did have a brief take on the chod rig but i suspect that it may of been from a bream rather than the intended carp. All in all it was a lovely evening to sit by the waters edge and much better than sitting at home watching crap on the tv.

Later on that afternoon we took the dogs for a nice long walk at St Peters in Bradwell and spent a couple of hours walking along the shoreline. As always i was right at the waters edge looking in the little pools to see if i could find any life or anything of interest. I do love this part of the Essex coastline, it might not be rugged and as beautiful as the South West counties but if you sit and take in the beauty of the area you will see it matches any other shoreline in the UK. While i was watching Harry swim around in the shallow water here it made me realise its about time for me to get ready for my next challenge. Catching a stingray from the Essex coast...........

Thursday, 15 May 2014


A good few years ago i was diagnosed as having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both my hands and also something similar in my elbows. Over the coarse of 2 years i had operations to relieve the symptoms and fortunately they have mostly worked now, but i still have problems with holding small objects and working with fiddly things. None too good when your an avid angler and every rig you tie takes ages and sometimes quite painful. Now tying rigs on the bank is an awkward thing to do at the best of times but couple that with Carpal Tunnel and it can be damn near impossible, especially when its wet and cold. I now overcome this problem by preparing all my rigs before i go fishing. I,m pretty lucky in that i store my tackle at my warehouse so have dedicated a room solely for fishing and its next door to my office, so whenever i feel the need i grab a little bit of kit and sit in the office listening to music, watching fishing online and tying up various rigs for future trips.

 Today i started of by tying up some sea fishing rigs for a couple of trips i have planned over the next couple of weeks. I,m looking at having a bash for some rays and bass at a couple of local marks as the reports are that they are showing fairly regularly. I sat down for an hour making some single hook rigs for the bass and pennells for the thornbacks. As you can see from the picture i use a small tool box to store all the swivels, crimps, beads etc and an old floppy disc box for all my hooks. Once i,ve tied my rig i then put it in a resealable plastic bag and then it goes into a hook wallet in the tackle bag. I,ve been doing this for the past year now and its a great way of storing your rigs as they don,t get all tackled up and the hooks don,t go rusty as they are sealed away from any water.

After tying my sea rigs i then decided to tie some chod rigs as i plan on having a little dangle for carp on a local park lake soon.
These are right fiddly little blighters to make as they are only a couple of inches long so this makes it really tricky for me. But sitting comfortable at a desk with a mug of Latte next to me makes it seem all the easier.

I also make up my pike and perch rigs in the office and have a big tool box full of the necessary wire, crimps, swivels treble hooks and all the other bits and pieces like side cutters and crimping pliers nicely stored within. It makes life so much easier and is a nice way to spend an hour when i,m bored at work.

I started off making rigs this way to make my fishing a more pleasurable experience, but now i,ve been doing it for a few years i can honestly say that 99 percent of my rigs are now tied in advance of a fishing trip. I,ve also noticed that as long as i keep them stocked up it makes it easier to just grab a bit of tackle, for whatever species i,m aiming for, and set off on short notice trips. Especially if just going for a couple of hours. Its definitely worth giving it a go.


Sunday, 11 May 2014


I,ve just sat here and watched Alan Blair from Nash Tackle fame do a half video of fishing for carp on a council park lake. This water is actually a 5 minute walk from where I live and I have actually fished it a couple of times with surface tactics for the ravenous carp that live beneath the surface. Theres quite a lot of carp in the water so I,m lead to believe as it was restocked a few years ago when it received new management. I don,t think theres anything really big in there but I have heard rumours of the odd twenty showing up. It does get fished a lot by the local kids and chavs, but generally its not too bad a place.
With this video in mind and the fact that its only a short walk down the road and also the fact that the light stays with us longer now I,ve decided to give the place a try for a carp or 2 soon. I,m not going to be doing an overnight session, I don,t think I,m brave enough for that, but I will give it a few hours during the evening during the week when hopefully the banks will be a little quieter.

In preparation I,ve bought some mixed micro pellets recently and I,ll try using a whittled down boilie or pellet coupled with a small pva bag of these and probably just try a chod rig on the other rod and cast to any showing fish. I,ve not used the chod rig that much so I,ll try it here as a confidence boost.  I don,t really like fishing these sort of waters as I prefer the more seclude, quite and remote places to fish, but as its easy to get to and just round the corner its got to be worth a try rather than sitting in front of the telly during the evening.

Saturday, 10 May 2014


I,ve just watched this video and have to say that its the danglies. Watch it all the way through or you will miss some great action.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


On Monday this week i decided to grab a pack of frozen black lugworm and head off to the Denge to fish the area at low water as i have been thinking of giving it a go for a while now. I headed to a couple of marks i,ve fished before at the usual 3 hours up and 3 down times as i thought my knowledge of these spots might help to boost my confidence as i,ve never fished at low water before. Upon arrival at my first spot i clambered down the seaweed festooned rocks and sat myself on one of the larger rocks and cast my single hookbait as far as i could. I was using light pear leads so that the rig would gentle roll round in the flow until it settle nicely on hopefully a nice rough area ready for the hungry fish.

I fished my first spot for an hour before moving to another area i thought would be good and fished the same technique. Each cast was made then i would hold the rod and every minute or so i,d reel in a few yards of line so as to impart some action into my bait as well as the lead kicking up little plumes of silt which i hoped would attract any passing fishes suspicions. I fished for a total of 2.5 hours and had a few good rattlers on the rod but didn,t hook into anything, but really it was just a recce for a more serious attempt at a later date.

I only took the smallest amount of gear so i could travel light and move from spot to spot trying where ever took my fancy. I only took the one rod which was an old bass rod i,ve had for 20 years, or so,  which was coupled to a shimano baitrunner loaded with 30lb braid which i use for my winter pike fishing. The braid was fantastic as i could feel every little knock and pull through the rod while i was holding it. All the other bits of tackle and paraphernalia were loaded into a fly fishers waistcoat which has plenty of pockets and also a nice size backpack attached. Bait was kept in the bucket which doubled up as my seat. All in all this was a nice compact and comfortable way of fishing which i will definately be doing again.

It definately was a nice way to end the day after some hard graft at work earlier.