Saturday, 3 June 2017

PARK CARP........

A few weeks back i decided to fish the local park water, me getting down with the kids urban angling hahaaaaa,  for a few hours early one morning as after my trip to the syndicate i thought it would be nice to catch a carp so i,d remember what they were like.

I,m really not a lover of fishing this type of water as there is just too many people around for my liking, but having walked the lake quite a bit with the dogs over the years i thought i,d give it a go. It is a pretty little lake and well kept, just up the road from where i live and has a good head of carp so was an ideal venue to brush off the cobwebs. Also i wanted to try zig fishing and this seemed an ideal place for this technique as i,ve seen carp swimming sub surface on most of my visits.

 Having arrived at first light i set up in a swim with easy access to fish a small island in front. One rod to the near margins with a small stick and bottom bait and the other rod out to the margins of the island. Nothing happened for an hour or so until i had a missed run on the margin rod followed by a screaming run on the zig rod. This resulted in a beautifully scaled, although gammy mouthed, mirror carp of around 12lb which initially got tangled in someones snapped off tackle which was still connected to a tree on the island. Eventually after a lot of commotion i landed the fish, quite chuffed i was too as it was the first time i,d used the zig method and i,d caught on it.

I stayed for another hour but the swim was dead, probably due to the commotion of the mirror i,d just caught. I,d enjoyed my few hours fishing and learnt a bit about fishing a new, to me anyway,  method for carp. I left just as the sun was getting warmer and  the lake was getting busier with more anglers arriving and families out for an early sunday morning walk.

Croissants and coffee picked up on the way home for brekkie, my fishing itch scratched and the rest of the day ahead of me.

Top banana.........


Well finally i was given a pass by the better half to have a couple days out from working on the extension and without any hesitation plans were made and bags packed for a 2 night trip to my new syndicate water. The weather was bloody cold when i arrived at first light but after a couple of hours walking part of the banks i opted for a nice tree lined section of bank which was sheltered from the cold wind and considerably warmer than the rest of the 100 acres. Even the sun came out to greet me.

It wasn,t just because it was warmer here, i had also seen quite a lot of small fish activity here when i first walked through the trees. They were only silver fish but seeing as though i had not seen any activity at all anywhere else on the lake i thought this would be as good a place as any. The swim also gave me plenty of water to fish and even more water to scan in case any carp showed themselves anywhere else.

By mid afternoon i had everything set up and three rods fishing in what seemed like a rather featureless expanse of water. I,d markered around as far as i could cast both left, right and central and the bottom seemed to gradually sloped out to 26ft with patches of gravel dotted in between the light weed at varying distances. No areas jumped out 'fish me' so i opted for a near, medium and far approach. Near being a small stick and bottom bait cast 30-50 yards to my left on a gravelly seam i found in 12ft of water. Medium rod was a ronnie rig fished pop-up over a good bed of boilies, whole 10mm and 15mm as well as some chopped, and hemp with a little groundbait mixed in as an additional attractor. And the far rod was a choddie fished pink pop-up launched as far as i could cast, and i moved this rod every few hours in an attempt to locate any fish. All the baits were the ever stinky Virus, boy do these baits stink and the liquids are even worse, in a hope the strong odour would draw any passing fish in.

Soon enough the sun started to set with no indication of any carp being in the local vicinity but the water was alive with silver fish and pike thrashing at them. Although i hadn,t caught anything, i did have a few aborted takes but i reckon they were just bream as this water holds a massive head of them, i had still enjoyed my first day there and had learnt a lot about this part of the water. Expectations were high for the night as i settled down to cook a nice fillet steak and mushrooms dinner.
Morning came carpless but i did have a couple bream during the night to the stick mix rod. Not what i was hoping for but at least the bait and rig was working.

Whilst having my morning latte just after first light i had an erratic take on my medium rod, not a bream type rattle, and before you knew i had rod in hand, ooeerrr missus, and lent into whatever was nibbling at my bait. Unfortunately it wasnt the hoped for carp but a beautiful silver roach glistening in the morning sun as i watched it twisting around in the shallows at my feet. A lovely fish but not what i really wanted and after recasting the same rod was away again but this time a good size 7lb bream was the culprit. In fact the rest of the morning i just got plagued by bream on the medium rod, which on talking to some other anglers the following day, as i walked the banks again, was commonplace if you baited up with particles. Oh well, lesson learned, maybe not a good idea to use particles which is a shame as thats my favourite method really.

The bream i caught were quite scabby looking things really, with big chunks out of their fins and covered in marks, lumps and scars. Some of them were failed pike attacks i,m sure but i,m not sure about the rest. I would of enjoyed them more if i was using lighter tackle as they were putting up quite a scrap really, and i reckon if i had used a small method feeder approach i would of bagged up on the snotty things, and hopefully some nice tench too as this water holds some crackers as i,ve seen some pictures and actually watched them swim around a a nearby shallow bay a few years ago. In fact this water holds fish of most species to an above average size its just such a big body of water that tracking them down is a bit of a nightmare. I,ve watched match anglers on numerous occasions over the years catch some big old roach upto the magic 3lb mark as well as bream to the upper single figures, with regular reports of mid doubles being caught too. The tench go to low doubles so i,ve been told and i,ve seen them to upper singles swimming the margins. As well as these fish you have good size pike, fair size perch, rumours of biggg eels and abviously the carp that i,m hoping to catch at some point.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and the evening and night time didn,t bring any fish at all. The temperature had dropped quite a lot during the later part of the afternoon and the night was a lot colder than the previous. I had considered a move to somewhere else but to be quite honest i was comfortable where i was and had a visit from a regular carper during early evening and he had said i was in as good a place as any. The evening saw me watching the water until well into darkness drinking lots of lattes and eating more jam and cream biscuits than i should off, but i didn,t see anything remotely carpy.

Morning came around and other than a couple of bleeps on the Delks i,d had a good nights kip. I watched the water, drank some lattes, ate a fry up, walked the bank either side of my swim and by midday i was in two minds as whether to stay or go home for a roast dinner with missus. The later got the better of me so i packed up the kit and pushed the barrow back along the track to the truck. A quick stop of at the  waters toilet for a much needed dump and a wash then the local petrol station for a cold drink and then a walk along the bank at the far end before the long drive home. No carp but thoroughly enjoyed myself and  learnt a bit more about this water.

Until next time chaps and chapesses.......

Sunday, 9 April 2017


Its been a couple months since my last post for which i apologize. Work and diy has got in the way again, a frequent occurrence for the past couple of years, but i do have a little something to tell all you fisher folks. I have been deliberating as where to fish this coming season as last season i joined a local water which i,d been a member of many years ago, a time i thoroughly enjoyed back then, but this time round i did not enjoy it due to the numerous Korda Klones fishing, and messing up, the place. It was obvious this was not the place to join again so i donned my thinking cap as to where to go this season. Maybe just stick to the local day tickets i thought firstly, then slapped myself hard for ever having such a stupid idea. What about joining BDAC or CAPS, local angling clubs with numerous waters on their books, but they didn,t really interest me one little bit. Then i remembered a very large water i fished a few years back which had practically everything i wanted out of a water. I,ve fished it plenty of times for the pike and done pretty well, it holds some good size tench, has big shoals of bream, the roach there are big and numerous, and it has some monster carp swimming in its depths. That was that then, i fired of an email to the fishery manager asking if there was any spare places on the syndicate and i waited with my fingers crossed for the answer i was looking for.

The man from the fishery he say yesss!!!!!!!!

Thats what the email said when i opened it the following day, hows that for prompt. Whats more he even remembered who i was and my like of pike and tench, cant complain at that. Anyways a meeting was arranged for that sunday where i paid my dues and had a walk around this mahoosive spread of water to acquaint myself again. By christ she is a biggg water and didn,t look too appealing on a grey blowy day, but that aside i was looking forward to it.

A rough plan was hatched as to how i was going to tackle finding and catching the carp from this water and i was onto my next decision of which bait to use. After quite a bit of research and chatting with various bait buffs i opted to use a local bait manufacturer called ECLIPSE BAITS as i,d heard some good things about the baits they produced.

After a chat with Dave the owner i decided to give their Virus range a go as it stinks to high heaven and hopefully will have the pulling power i will need. Its a stinky fishy boilie and quite soft which i like and comes with various pop-ups, dips etc. Bait sorted the next stage was to get the rest of my kit ready for my first trip which was going to be in a couple of weeks, I couldn,t wait...

Monday, 27 February 2017


Well a couple of weeks ago i got the urge to have a bash at catching a flounder or two, and when that certain fishing itch strikes you have to give it a scratch. Checking the local tide times it turned out that the following nights tides were ideal, highwater about 8pm, so i promptly ordered 2 packs of lugworm from a local bait digger which i picked up an hour later and set about tying up some flattie bashing rigs.

After a couple of hours fiddling with my tackle, ooo eerrrr missus, i had numerous rigs made up and two of my pike roads set up ready to rock the following evening. I like using my lighter pike rods for flounders as they detect even the smallest knocks and when you do actually hook a fish they allow you to enjoy the fight. Flounders do actually give a good scrap when fished for on lighter tackle, as do small bass and even whiting. The only downside with the lighter rods is they compress a lot when used in waters with strong currents, not very good if i,m fishing my local River Crouch as this has a very strong tide run. The rods are ok when i,m fishing close in though as the current isn,t as strong and i think because there is less line in the water there is also less drag.

Well i set off to my chosen destination, Old Leigh, with absolutely no real hope of catching anything as the reports had been of blanks all round and to top it off the temperature had dropped considerably the previous night and during the course of the day. Either way i had my bait to use up so at 5pm i was sat on the Wharfe bench baiting up my first rod ready for my first cast. It had started to get a little foggy on the drive there but i didn,t really think much of it but by the time i had baited and cast out my second rod you could only just see past the rod tips. Luckily i,ve fished here for more years than i care to remember and know that there is a deep gully that runs close to the wharfe no more than 20 yards out so it was an easy chuck to land the rigs in there.

Over the course of the next few hours the fog got heavier and the temperature took a serious plummet southwards but i had my thermal gear on so it didn,t really bother me. Regularly re-baiting and re-casting every 15 mins showed that there was barely anything alive out there as most of my baited hooks were coming back in untouched. I did have a couple of small rattles which could of been small fish or maybe just crabs, who knows, but those little rod movements kept the fire burning for the chance of something coming along. Unfortunately it was not to be and about 9.30pm i packed up the gear and set of for home in seriously thick fog. In the time it took me to tackle down my rods etc the droplets of water that were hanging from my rod rings had actually frozen, and it took the 15 minutes car journey home to warm my hands and fingers up. In fact i can honestly say that my fingers have not been so cold since i was a kid, and bloody painful they were too. Maybe its me getting old but i do seem to feel the cold more nowadays.....

Although it was a fruitless fishing trip i can honestly say i thoroughly enjoyed myself and will be having a bash for flounders again very soon as they should be coming into the shallower waters to spawn pretty soon.

TIGHT LINES..........

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Got these little beauties through the post this morning. I reckon they will be great for perch on a couple of waters that i know. Not bad for £3.50 of Ebay...

Slow sinking with an internal rattle, got to have a fish or 2 on these. I,ll give them a try first to see how they fair and then might change the hook for a smaller size..........


I,ve just seen this on bookface and thought i,d share it.

IT SNOWED.............

 Last week the it snowed as predicated. The weather men had predicted heavy snowfall along with strong winds as a bad weather system was meant to be hitting the country. People started the usual panic buying of food in case we were going to get snowed in for countless days, and what did we get... Barely half inch...

And guess what, this small amount of snowfall brought chaos to the country as it usually does. How come Canada can be under feet of snow and no one bats an eyelid and keep going about their business, but we get half a fookin inch and all hell breaks loose. This country is a joke sometimes.

Now on that note i couldn,t work the first day of the snow as the boss pulled the plug on the building job we were doing. But this time i wasn,t complaining as i had deadbaits in the freezer and my pike rods were already set up and ready to go from a session a couple of days. So as the sun was rising i was crunching through the now thinning but frozen solid snow on my way to the same local water for a couple of hours fishing before breakfast. I headed for my favourite area of the lake which is a large bay kind of area which i hoped be free from ice, which luckily it was as there was a strong bitterly cold wind blowing across it. The usual static float fished deadbait and drifted deadbait were cast out towards the far reeds in hope of a fish or two but to be quite honest it was turning into such a beautiful morning that i was just happy to be there. Oh and the fact that it was a work day made it all the better.

 After about 10 minutes the static float started to twitch then sailed away to the right. A quick strike and i was into a fish which was pulling back pretty strong. It wasn,t long before a nice low double figure pike was thumping away below my rod tip but as i slipped the net into the water it shook its head and made a final lunge and spat the hooks back at me. Bummer.....
An hour or so past after that fish with not a twitch on the floats even though i worked my swim pretty well searching for more pike. I,d been feeding a little Robin with biscuit crumbs for a while and now i was soon going to need feeding as well. I decided to up sticks for a final half hour and fish in the corner of the bay as it looked pretty good an area for a predator to hole up in wait for its prey. In went my static dead and my drifter went in the next swim as it was clearer water. As i was watching the static bait the float seemed to give a little twitch which didn,t quite look right so i gently tightened down and felt another little knock knock. I struck and nearly got slapped in the chops by the bait as it was only a few feet out and i,d hit it a bit hard, note to self calm the fook down. Anyway there was teeth marks in the bait but seeing as i hadn,t felt resistance on the strike i plopped the bait straight back in the same place in hope of a second attempt. A couple of minutes later the float was dancing again and this time i lifted into it, all calm like, and felt a nice thump on the end before the bait was spat out in disgust.

Well that was it for me as my belly was well and truly grumbling by then, so i packed up and walked back to the car before driving to the local cafe for a nice big warming fry up. By the way the wind had picked up steadily and was bloody freezing by the time i left but it was still worth standing out in for this little impromptu session.

TIGHT LINES.............