Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Well its been a while since my last update, again, and in truth there's not a hell of a lot to say really.

I,ve had a days carping over my new syndicate on a mild day in December which although a nice break didn,t actually produce any carp. Strange really as i set up on a couple of bubblers and saw a few carp bow waving across the surface in a shallow area of the lake which was bathed in the lovely winter sun. My anticipation was high for a run but it was not to be. Thats carp fishing i guess. Again theres a few things i will store in the old memory banks for latter sessions so not a wasted day really.

I had a few hours fishing Wroxham in Norfolk shortly after christmas as we were visiting the other halfs family for the usual celebrations. I promised i,d take Sharons nephew fishing for pike so we set of at first light to try and snag one, but i wasn,t that hopefull as the weather had been horrible for the previous couple of days and the river was high, coloured, cold and pushing through. We found a nice little slack area which screamed pike but we didnt get so much as a nibble on our floatfished deadbaits. Oh well, it was a new venue to me and as i,ve mentioned previously 'theres always something to learn'.

Well thats all i can report really as i havnt had the time, or to be honest, the inclination to get out on the banks lately. I have booked to go to France after carp at the end of March so hopefully i,ll keep you upto date on how the prep goes for that, and hopefully i will be having a couple of brush up session prior to leaving Blighty so i,ll keep you informed on that also. I might dig the whiting gear out and have a dabble one evening once the rain water has passed through the Crouch, but then again i might not. Can,t really make my mind up really.

Tight lines all.......