Saturday, 28 June 2014


Just a little follow up to a post i did a couple of weeks ago about my dog being bitten by an adder whilst out walking locally. After a few trips to the vets and various injections and tablets, Harry is now pretty much back to normal, barking at the neighborhood dogs letting them know who's boss and fetching you his blanket whenever you come in through the front door.

We,ve taken him on a few walks now and although he gets a little out of puff he still loves it. We also took the pair of them to The Blackwater Country Show last sunday which was a nice few hours out and they both loved it, saying hello to other dogs, getting made a fuss of by strangers and having little tasters of our bacon rolls and ice creams. What more can a dog ask for..........

I,d like to say thank you to all that wished Harry a speedy recovery and keep those eyes peeled.....


Earlier this week i managed to finish work earlier than usual and rather than just go homw and sit in fromnt of the tv as i usually i opted to grab a couple of hours fishing on the way home. The only problem was i couldn,t make up my mind what i actually wanted to fish for. After being deep in thought for at least 60 seconds i decided that i,d fish for nothing in particular but give myself a chance to catch anything that swims by, and the best way of targeting nothing and everything is the humble float. I grabbed my float rod, necessary float fishing paraphernalia, a tin of sweetcorn, some hemp and some pellets and drove home with an aim of fishing a water just up the road from where i live.

Upon arriving at the water i was pleasantly surprised to only see one other person fishing, i think it might of been due to the football, which was great as i had a pick of all the best areas to fish. I took a slow walk around the lake and finally found a lot of bubbling and a few rolls in a nice swim on the far side. As i stood in the swim i saw a tench roll about 35 ft out so that made my mind up and i dropped my gear, opened the bait bucket and catapulted some hemp and pellets to the area i,d seen the roll. I then set about getting everything ship shape and plumbing the depth of the swim, which was a surprise at 8ft as i only thought it was 4ft at best. Now there was a lot of bubblers in the swim and nice size rudd were showing along with the odd bream roll, but unfortunately there was nothing over the bait i,d put in but only 15ft out along a line running parallel with the bank. A quick plumb along this line and i found that this was basically at the bottom of the marginal shelf, so i opted to fish this line and lightly scattered a few pellets, hemp and corn in a couple of spots. Out went the float with a sweetcorn hookbait set to just tickle the bottom, a few bits of hemp scattered around the float and i was ready.

 My first bite came after only a couple of minutes and resulted in a nice bream of around 2.5lb which was quite scrappy on the light float gear. This was followed by a couple of other smaller bream and a couple of small rudd. I then hooked a fish which really did put up a bit of a tussle, even tacking line of the drag, but finally i netted a lovely rudd of around a pound. I was really happy with the fish i had caught so and could quite happily have packed up then, even though i,d only been at the water for an hour, as those fish had made my day.
I stayed on though for another couple of hours and managed a cracking bag of fish, figure of speak as i didn,t take a keepnet, which included another half dozen bream between 2lb and 4lb, a few more rudd around the half pound mark and finally a fish which i was really hoping to catch, a nice tench of about 4lb which really did put up a good account of itself. I also lost a carp which shot off across the swim like a rocket breaking my 1.75lb hooklength, i hate leaving hooks in fish even though i know the shed them quickly.

All in all i thoroughly enjoyed my few hours float fishing and plan to do it more often in the near future. The water i fished is a lovely water with lots of reeds, bushes and secret little corners where you can hide away from the other anglers, so its a lovely place to fish. Unfortunately you do get a lot of kids there as well as the typical chav carpers, actually i won,t insult the carpers as these chav sorts are far from proper carp anglers.
But when theres only a few anglers there its quite and has a host of wildlife to watch while you wait for a fish to bite.

Tight lines all...........................

Sunday, 22 June 2014


On Monday eve i decided i fancied having a fish for bass at a local mark only a couple of miles from where i live. Unfortunately the water was going to be at its lowest point but i thought i,d give it a go anyway as it had been a nice day and how better to end it than sitting on the rocks overlooking the river as the sun went down. With some nice ragworm picked up from Trev the baitman, short notice but he still helped me out, of i set with one rod, bucket and tackle vest. Oh, and Oscar in tow.

 After a 10 minute walk i stopped at the area that i wanted to fish and set up a single hook rig with a light lead and chucked it out as far as possible. Baited with ragworm the idea was that the lead would roll along with the flow and settle either in a dip in the river bed or on a patch of rough ground. Both areas that are likely to attract fish at some point. Over the few hours i was there i fished long, mid and short ranges but only had a few rattles which didn,t result in any fish on the bank. I did get one good hard whack on the rod which was very bass like but nothing else materialised.

It was a beautiful way to spend an evening after a hard day at work so i wasn,t complaining at not banking any fish. Oscar enjoyed himself splatting around in the mud and running across the rocks. He does worry me sometimes as he flies across the rocks full pelt and i,m surprised he hasn,t hurt himself yet. Mind you he is a double hard little bugger.........

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Although i own an up and coming online fishing tackle store WATERBOUY TACKLE my main business at the moment is designing, building and maintaining koi ponds WATERBOUYS POND CONSTRUCTION . A couple of days ago i was undertaking a complete strip, empty and clean on a large koi pond of 6000 gallons which had a lovely bog area at one which had a great stand of flag iris, variagated reeds and water mint, my favourite. As the water level went down we could see a few large Dragon Fly Larvae walking around on the bottom, so we carefully picked them out and placed them in a bucket for the duration of the work. As we were trimming up the pond plants i spotted this beauty by my boot.

 I carefully picked it up so as not to hurt it and took these pictures before putting it back in the middle of the plants where it would not get damaged. I think it had only just come out of the larvae as one wing was still slightly crumpled, but over the coarse of the day it slowly straightened out. For some reason this pond regularly gets visited by Dragon Flys even though its in a pretty built up area.

Sunday, 15 June 2014


Last weekend saw myself and Sharon driving to Nantwich in Cheshire as Sharon had enrolled in a 2 day dog photography coarse as she keep photographer and would like to try her hand at professional photography one day. I was there primarily as her chauffeur  and eye candy for the groups dinner on saturday evening. Seeing as i wasn,t allowed to attend the coarses and sit at the back i decided that a light lure rod and some perch lures would be stowed in the back of the car along with Sharons mountain of camera equipment. Unfortunately the weather forecast for the weekend was to be heavy rain on both days, oh joy.....

After an exhausting 6 hour drive from Essex which included the M1 being closed forcing us to divert through the local towns to miss the closure only to hit standstill traffic further along the journey on the M6 which again resulted in us bypassing the queue and driving through some beautiful scenic countryside, we arrived at our working farm bed and breakfast, our home for the following 2 nights. The view from our window was across some fields with no roads or houses to obscure the view, only cows silently grazing and lots of songbirds singing and going about there business in the hedgerows below. I wish i had taken a picture now, especially as whilst having breakfast each morning we were treated to a visit from 2 woodpeckers, just outside the patio windows, picking peanuts from the bird feeder and taking them back to their young further up the tree that the feeder was hanging from. There was also a multitude of different songbirds as well as a couple of squirrels and a male peacock who also put on a display regularly for us.

Saturday morning after dropping Sharon at the pub where her coarse was being held i programmed the sat nav to take me to a fishery not too far away which i,d been informed held some good pike and off i set. It was raining for the 20 minutes it took to get there, which involved driving through some stunning countryside i might add, but it was only light so i wasn,t really bothered. Arriving through he gates i donned my wet jacket and took a walk along the tree lined banks to see how busy it might be and to get a feel for the place. It was fairly busy but there was enough places for me to throw a lure or two for a few hours. Walking back to the car it started to rain heavier so i jumped in and ate my sandwich, a lovely locally made cheese and pickle offering, and opted to wait out the rain. Unfortunately after waiting for over half an hour the rain had only gotten heavier and the shies had gotten darker. It was obvious that this weather was set in for a while so i decided to take a slow scenic drive back to the bed and breakfast and relax for a couple of hours and see how the weather faired later. Once back in my room with a cup of tea and a few biscuits consumed i promptly fell asleep and only awoke, to sunny skies, due to a rather loud crow outside, just in time too as i had to collect Sharon. Any fishing that day was well and truly scuppered as we had a group meal later that evening. I later found out from our landlady that the weather cleared about an hour or so after i arrived back, shortly after i fell asleep.

Sunday was a different matter as the skies were blue and the sun was blazing all day long. Beautiful weather but crap for fishing. I popped into Stapeley Angling to have a little look round and they pointed me in the direction of a local canal which help a good head of perch. After buying a few bits and pieces to try dropshotting, a technique i have been meaning to try for a while, i set of in the direction of the canal.

 I,m not exactly sure what i was expecting to when i pulled into the marina car park as it was just on the outskirts of a busy town, so i grabbed my cap and glasses a took a reconnaissance walk first before getting my kit out. I was pleasantly surprised to find the canal was lined with overhanging trees and bushes and really was an attractive place to be. Quickly i walked back to the car, grabbed my gear and then set back to the first place i fancied fishing. Now this sort of fishing is a bit alien to me as i generally fish quiet, secluded stretches of river and lakes, but here there were families walking their dogs, lovers taking a stroll and lots of narrow boats chugging up and down.  Not how i like to spend my day but with the water being a chocolate colour and the sun beating down with temperatures touching mid twenties i decided to give it a go at least for an hour.

Well 4 hours later and a good 5 miles of bankside walked i slumped into the drivers seat of the car and turned the air con to maximum, all hot, sweaty, achey and quite relaxed from my spot of canal fishing. I hadn,t caught anything but i did have an enjoyable afternoons fishing and if i lived locally i could see myself on the towpath of this lovely water way quite often. It was nice to see the narrow boats plodding by each one painted and decorated differently to the owners unique designs, and the owners always gave a nod or a little wave as they passed which i thought was really nice.

As mentioned i didn,t catch anything, in fact i don,t think i even got a knock on any of the small lures i was casting. I did try dropshotting most of the time and have to say i can see the appeal of this technique but i do need to do a lot of research into the techniques used to catch. I didn,t have all the components to rig myself up properly for this style so maybe this was why i didn,t catch. As mentioned the water was a thick choclate colour so that definately didn,t help chances, and with the sun beating down as well it was far from perfect conditions. I reckon that first thing in the morning or last thing at night would be the best times to fish these waters as there would be less boat traffic and the sun wouldn,t be so strong.

 I,d like to fish canals a bit more as i they have a certain appeal which i can,t quite put my finger on.  I think i,ll start to research the Lea Navigational canal and see how that fairs as its not too far from home.
Whether it was due to the previous days heavy rain or maybe the recent temperatures i did come across a dead bream of about 3lb and a big dead eel floating along with the current. The eel was a size that i would of loved to off caught, the picture doesn,t really show how large it actually was.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

ADDER ATTACK..........

A few days ago the other half and i took our 2 dogs for a nice evening walk along the river at South Fambridge, the day had been hot and there was a nice breeze blowing so we thought, how better to spend a couple of hours after a hot, sweaty day at work. Its a beautiful place to visit as theres nothing but fields and of course the river itself.
The dogs had a great time, Harry was doing his favourite thing and swimming up and down in front of us, while Oscar was splatting through the thick estuarine mud and running over the rocks. Myself and Sharon just enjoyed watching the dogs have fun while we slowly unwound from the days trials and tribulations. Once home the dogs were hosed down and dried, given some treats and they then flopped on their beds and promptly fell asleep snoring after the exertion of the evenings fun. We had a cup of tea and retired to bed a couple of hours later, dogs happy and us relaxed. Everything was fine...

The next morning we noticed that Harry, the golden retriever, was a bit listless and had a lot of trouble getting of his bed to go and have his morning wee. Nothing really to worry about as he,s 9 years old now and after a long run he gets stiff joints for a couple of days. It was only as he was hobbling back up the garden that we noticed his left paw was very swollen, so we took a look and found it was huge, as well as some swelling running up his leg. We got an emergency appointment with our vet, thinking that he might of got an infection from maybe a cut he might of got from the walk. When we arrived at the vets she took a look at Harrys paw and without hesitation pronounced what was the cause of the swelling. Harry had been bitten by an ADDER.

Poor Harry must of disturbed one basking in the hot evening sun and unfortunately the snake didn,t like it bit him. Harry was given a couple of injections of anti-biotics and anti venom as well as being put on a drip and being under 24 hour surveillance at the vet hospital. He,s at home now lying beside me feeling sorry for himself but he seems a bit perkier today and wolfed down his breakfast pretty well. We have another trip to the vets today for a check up and as long as he doesn,t get Necrosis around the bite area he should make a full recovery in a few days. I have to say it was pretty scary for a while as he just seemed to get worse very quickly the morning we noticed his paw.

I put a few pictures here of what an ADDER looks like for those who havn,t seen one before. They are lovely looking creatures and would rather slither away into the grass than attack, but they will if they have too.

They like to sunbath when the sun is nice and hot as they are cold blooded and their favourite places are on concrete, old sheets of metal and patches of dry soil surrounded by grass.

So when your going out for a walk anytime soon please be aware that there is apparently an influx of these snakes around the country at the moment and to keep your eyes open to the danger of someone you love being bitten.

If you, or someone you know is bitten, which is not a very common occurrence, here are a few things to remember. Don,t panic, easier said than done, as this rsises your heart rate and will pump the venom around the body quicker. Don,t try and squeeze the wound to get the venom out as this will result in the area swelling and will force the venom into the blood stream quicker. Don,t leave it too long to go to the hospital, get there quickly to stop it in tracks.

Well i hope this hasn,t put you off from enjoying our beautiful countryside and just keep an eye out when you do.

Right i,m off down the vets........

Friday, 13 June 2014


Over the past couple of weeks i,ve had a pair of starlings getting in through the gaps in the roof cap of my warehouse. While i,ve been sitting in the office i could often hear them flying up and down calling away as then went. A few days ago there was a lot more noise than usual coming form the area that they have a nest in so i assumed that they had successfully raised some young. I,m quite happy about that as i feel i,ve done my bit by letting them stay in my rafters and every now and then i,d leave some left over bread from my sandwiches for them to pick at.

Well yesterday i was sitting in the office and it sounded like all hell was breaking loose in the starling household. There was chirping and singing like you wouldn,t believe, it was like i was sitting in a hedge with the nests above me. After a while i had to take my usual, all too frequent, trip to the loo to make room for another cup of tea when i stumbled on this little fellow sitting on my floor.

I took a couple of quick picture before leaving the youngster to hop around and explore. On coming back from the toilet i found another little chap sitting on top of my car watching my every move. I got my camera again and took another couple of pictures while he posed for me before he got bored and stumbled down the roof of my car and flapped away rather amateurish before crash landing on one of the roof steels, unhurt i can assure you.