Sunday, 22 June 2014


On Monday eve i decided i fancied having a fish for bass at a local mark only a couple of miles from where i live. Unfortunately the water was going to be at its lowest point but i thought i,d give it a go anyway as it had been a nice day and how better to end it than sitting on the rocks overlooking the river as the sun went down. With some nice ragworm picked up from Trev the baitman, short notice but he still helped me out, of i set with one rod, bucket and tackle vest. Oh, and Oscar in tow.

 After a 10 minute walk i stopped at the area that i wanted to fish and set up a single hook rig with a light lead and chucked it out as far as possible. Baited with ragworm the idea was that the lead would roll along with the flow and settle either in a dip in the river bed or on a patch of rough ground. Both areas that are likely to attract fish at some point. Over the few hours i was there i fished long, mid and short ranges but only had a few rattles which didn,t result in any fish on the bank. I did get one good hard whack on the rod which was very bass like but nothing else materialised.

It was a beautiful way to spend an evening after a hard day at work so i wasn,t complaining at not banking any fish. Oscar enjoyed himself splatting around in the mud and running across the rocks. He does worry me sometimes as he flies across the rocks full pelt and i,m surprised he hasn,t hurt himself yet. Mind you he is a double hard little bugger.........

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