Tuesday, 22 March 2011


On sunday after work ( yes i had to work sunday, horrible, horrible, horrible) i thought i,d take the dogs out for a nice long run. I had an area in mind for us as i wanted to check out the local sea wall for a couple of areas that have been recommended to me as being good spots for bass and ray fishing. When i arrived i was quite surprised at how many people there was walking, it was a lovely day though so can,t blame them for disturbing my peace lol.

Well we had a lovely walk of roughly 6 miles along the wall, with Harry the retreiver and Oscar the springer having fun splodging around in the thick, black, stinking estaury mud. They were both totally knackered by the time we got back to the truck and i even had to lift them into the back.

Harry loves swimming now, he never used too but last year we managed to get him swimming at Bradwell and now you can,t keep him out of the water. Its a bit of a pain really as i can,t take him fishing with me.

Oscar on the other isn,t too bothered about swimming and just splashes around in the margins getting wet and muddy. But he does go fishing with me and loves it when we go up the fens for the weekend.

The walk was actually quite informative as the tide was on the way out so i saw some of the gullies and deeper areas which will be worth  fishing soon. Also i was quite surprised at how deep this part of the river is. I,m getting quite excited now for the fishing coming up soon as this has really wet my whistle.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Having been thinking about it for a while now i finally decided to get my ass in gear, order some worms and have a few hours sea fishing this tuesday just gone. It was only a wee trip to blow the cobwebs out so to speak as i havn,t cast a line into saltwater for over a year now. My intended quarry was going to be the humble flounder, with maybe a late whiting thrown in. The venue was to be one of the floating boat pontoons situated along the front of Burnham as its only a couple of miles from home, is nice and comfortable to fish and puts you over 12-15ft of water so you don,t really need to cast that far, although i do.

With a couple of packs of lugworm picked up from Angling Essentials and a couple of mackeral from my freezer i set of for Burnham at 6.30pm. By 7pm i was set up and had both rods cast out, one cast as far as possible and the other around 30 yards out.
No action occured until just before high tide when a rattle on my short cast rod resulted in a tiny pin whiting. Well its better than a blank. I then proceeded to have quite a few rattles on both rods for the next hour or so which i reckon where small whiting again, but i couldn,t manage to hook then. I did manage to land a hard fighting star fish though, as well as someone elses snapped up rig with hook, links, 5oz weight and about 50ft of line.
Fish wise i guess it was a pretty disappointing trip, but i thoroughly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to my next session which will be after the mighty bass. Hopefully some of a decent size will be paying me a visit this year, and theres also a good chance of a roker too as they are both caught from the venues i will be fishing..........

Thursday, 10 March 2011


I,ve been thinking lately about how i go about my fishing, how i plan trips, what species i fish for, where i fish, how i fish etc etc. I,m come to the conclusion that i don,t actually do myself any favours really as i normally just grab my gear and go whenever the need grabs me. I guess that part of this is down to the fact that i have quite a busy lifestyle. I run my own business building ornamental fish ponds and landscaping, see my website www.waterbouy.co.uk, and anyone who has done so will know that even if you are not actually physically working you are still mentally doing so. Due to my workloads i spent most weekends and evenings last year at work so little fishing went on. Add to that the fact that we,re currently trying to "do up" our house means that any spare time is quite often spent diy,ing. Then theres the dog walking, the general house work, and the fact that my girlfriend has thousands of friends that seem to have birthday parties, get married, and keep inviting us round for dinner, means that i rarely get any time at all. So this year i,m going to go about my fishing differently......

My plan is to have a good look at what species i actually want to target and when will be the best time to do so. I know this is quite obvious and has been written about plenty of times before in the fishing magazines, and i always read the articles and say to myself that i need to do what i,ve just read, but i,m actually going to take the advice this year. I,m going to target fish by the seasons and by how much time i actually have to fish for them. I,m also going to plan a bit better, which means making sure i have the right tackle at hand and that i have ample supply of bait, also organise my spare time better so not to waste time getting ready or deciding where i,m going to be fishing. PLAN, ORGANISE AND ARRANGE.......

I,m going to keep tabs on how i get on fishing for various species both fresh and saltwater through out the year and post on here so maybe it might help others to give it a go..

Well my first goal is to carry on after the beautiful perch. Once the season ends i will be targetting a couple of club  stillwaters i know that hold good sized specimens in until the club closes for a couple of months at the end of April.

 I,m also going to target the local bass and thornback ray population of my local estuaries, which will be carried out during the hours of darkness as this is when they feed best and closest to the shore. This means that i can get a few hours fishing in after work, an added bonus as it means more weekly fishing hours. I,ve done quite a bit of bassing a good few years ago but have yet not caught any thornbacks from the shore. I,ve had them from a boat, which was great, so am looking forward to trying from the shore. I,ve been told that the estuaries near me are a good bet to catch them so i just need to do some research into the best areas, techniques, baits, times etc and away i go. Anyone with any tips are welcome to email me and i,ll keep you informed as to how i get on: www.waterbouys@hotmail.co.uk.

Well that,ll do for now as i think i,ve rambled on enough. Its only a couple of species i plan to try for, but theres plenty more. Mullet in the local harbour, tench at a club lake, eels at a pond just round the corner, catfish from a commercial fishery close to where i work, carp from a local river along with hopefully some chub too, some summer lure caught pike and perch, and just enjoying myself no matter what i fish for.

Tight lines everyone!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


This sunday morning i was at the river bank as the sun was just coming up ready for another couple of hours after the resident big perch. I,d failed miserably last week using my usual technique of free roaming float fished lives whilst Ryan had quite literally kicked my ass using float fished lobworms, so this time i was planning on giving the worm a good go. I fished the same swims i normally would whilst using lives but this time used lobworms in conjunction with either red maggot or chopped worm groundbait. Well to put it simply i struggled to  catch. I did get a couple of very sensitive dips on the float in one swim but no fish. It wasn,t until i set up in front of the blue boat, my favourite swim as this is where i have had quite a few 3lbers, that i actually got a proper bite which turned out to be a nice fat half pound perch. I proceeded to then catch a couple more half pounders followed by a few perchlings before i decided to head home for some breakfast.
I can,t figure out why i didn,t do better with the bigger fish. It was only the week before, in the same swims, to the same tactics, that Ryan was having a good session. Maybe we,ve blown the area for a while as we have had some good bags of fish this season. Or maybe the big fish have moved off to somewhere else in readiness to spawn. I havn,t a clue, but hopefully i,ll be able to have one last attempt this weekend before the season ends.


The sun was just rising as i made my first cast, if you can call it that as i was only fishing 3ft out from the concrete edging, into the dark waters in hope of a spiky finned perch. Before my float had even settled i got a whistle from Ryan to signal that he had a good fish on. Once netted it was placed on the unhooking mat for us to view, a cracking perch of roughly 2.5lb. As Ryan unhooked it i noticed my float had disappeared so i grabbed my rod and struck as i caught a glance of my float shooting from left to right below the surface. For a second i thought i was in contact with a big perch but it soon became apparent that the unseen fish was actually a turbo charged pike. After a good tussle for a couple of minutes the 6lb culprit was netted, unhooked and returned. And thats how the fishing carried on for a couple of hours. Ryan would have a nice perch on his worm baits and i would have a jack pike on my little livies. Strange but i get the feeling that the big perch might be shying away from my livebait, i,m wondering if maybe they are seeing my wire hooklink as i,m having to use thicker wire now as i,ve run out of my thin gauge.
At the end of our 2 hour early morning trip i had managed 4 small pike and twice as many pike hits as they were charging around the river everywhere. Ryan managed a couple of good size perch and a few smaller samples.

After the mornings perching i decided to spend the rest of the day after pike on a local clubwater that apparently holds some big fish, not that i,ve seen any. I plotted up in a swim which has always thrown up a few fish for me in the past. It has a very deep hole to the left of the swim and steeply shelving margins where i,ve seen small pike patrolling up and down before. I decided to sit it out here all day as the weather seemed ideal, overcast with a nice breeze, and i wanted to give every part of the swim a good go..
Well i tried all sorts of methods to try and tempt a pike but to no avail. I tried standard ledger tactics, popped up baits, half baits and whole baits both sea and freshwater. I tried float drifted sea and freshwater baits. I even tried wobbling. But unfortunately i didn,t even get a nibble.
Oh well better luck next time i hope!!!!!