Tuesday, 22 March 2011


On sunday after work ( yes i had to work sunday, horrible, horrible, horrible) i thought i,d take the dogs out for a nice long run. I had an area in mind for us as i wanted to check out the local sea wall for a couple of areas that have been recommended to me as being good spots for bass and ray fishing. When i arrived i was quite surprised at how many people there was walking, it was a lovely day though so can,t blame them for disturbing my peace lol.

Well we had a lovely walk of roughly 6 miles along the wall, with Harry the retreiver and Oscar the springer having fun splodging around in the thick, black, stinking estaury mud. They were both totally knackered by the time we got back to the truck and i even had to lift them into the back.

Harry loves swimming now, he never used too but last year we managed to get him swimming at Bradwell and now you can,t keep him out of the water. Its a bit of a pain really as i can,t take him fishing with me.

Oscar on the other isn,t too bothered about swimming and just splashes around in the margins getting wet and muddy. But he does go fishing with me and loves it when we go up the fens for the weekend.

The walk was actually quite informative as the tide was on the way out so i saw some of the gullies and deeper areas which will be worth  fishing soon. Also i was quite surprised at how deep this part of the river is. I,m getting quite excited now for the fishing coming up soon as this has really wet my whistle.

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