Wednesday, 9 March 2011


This sunday morning i was at the river bank as the sun was just coming up ready for another couple of hours after the resident big perch. I,d failed miserably last week using my usual technique of free roaming float fished lives whilst Ryan had quite literally kicked my ass using float fished lobworms, so this time i was planning on giving the worm a good go. I fished the same swims i normally would whilst using lives but this time used lobworms in conjunction with either red maggot or chopped worm groundbait. Well to put it simply i struggled to  catch. I did get a couple of very sensitive dips on the float in one swim but no fish. It wasn,t until i set up in front of the blue boat, my favourite swim as this is where i have had quite a few 3lbers, that i actually got a proper bite which turned out to be a nice fat half pound perch. I proceeded to then catch a couple more half pounders followed by a few perchlings before i decided to head home for some breakfast.
I can,t figure out why i didn,t do better with the bigger fish. It was only the week before, in the same swims, to the same tactics, that Ryan was having a good session. Maybe we,ve blown the area for a while as we have had some good bags of fish this season. Or maybe the big fish have moved off to somewhere else in readiness to spawn. I havn,t a clue, but hopefully i,ll be able to have one last attempt this weekend before the season ends.

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