Sunday, 20 March 2011


Having been thinking about it for a while now i finally decided to get my ass in gear, order some worms and have a few hours sea fishing this tuesday just gone. It was only a wee trip to blow the cobwebs out so to speak as i havn,t cast a line into saltwater for over a year now. My intended quarry was going to be the humble flounder, with maybe a late whiting thrown in. The venue was to be one of the floating boat pontoons situated along the front of Burnham as its only a couple of miles from home, is nice and comfortable to fish and puts you over 12-15ft of water so you don,t really need to cast that far, although i do.

With a couple of packs of lugworm picked up from Angling Essentials and a couple of mackeral from my freezer i set of for Burnham at 6.30pm. By 7pm i was set up and had both rods cast out, one cast as far as possible and the other around 30 yards out.
No action occured until just before high tide when a rattle on my short cast rod resulted in a tiny pin whiting. Well its better than a blank. I then proceeded to have quite a few rattles on both rods for the next hour or so which i reckon where small whiting again, but i couldn,t manage to hook then. I did manage to land a hard fighting star fish though, as well as someone elses snapped up rig with hook, links, 5oz weight and about 50ft of line.
Fish wise i guess it was a pretty disappointing trip, but i thoroughly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to my next session which will be after the mighty bass. Hopefully some of a decent size will be paying me a visit this year, and theres also a good chance of a roker too as they are both caught from the venues i will be fishing..........

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