Sunday, 30 December 2012


Before christmas i manged to grab an afternoons fishing at a small local pond which i,ve heard rumours has produced some big perch to pleasure anglers over the past year or so. I had to work locally to this water in the morning and knew i,d be finished by midday so i sneaked my perch gear in the truck along with my tools and made sure i passed the local tackle shop on my way to work to pick up some maggots and lobworms. The sky was overcast with a little drizzle in the air while i worked which i was very happy with as i like overcast conditions when i predator fish. Unfortunately by the time i had finished what i had to do the sun had come out and the temp had risen a few degrees to make it a lovely day, but unfortunately not what i was after. Nevermind i thought, its my first trip to the water so i,ll just use it as a recon visit.

Arriving at the water i was surprised as to how attractive it was, willow trees overhanging the nearside banks with swims in between them and reeds lining the margins of the island. I was also surprised at how small the water felt, i,ve been fishing waters upwards of 15 acres over the coarse of this year so this little 1 acre water felt tiny, especially as the island was only 30ft or so from the near bank and took up most of the waters area. It was also shallow with a maximum depth of 3ft, so i have to admit it looked perchy but with being so shallow i wasn,t so sure.

Anyways i set up a float rod to try for some silvers to gauge what might actually live in this water. First off i chucked in half a handful of red and white maggots just past the marginal shelf followed by a few golfball size balls of groundbait, my thinking be to get a little attraction going so any silvers will drift in hopefully followed by the perch. First chuck and i was in to a nice plump roach of near half pound in weight, result i though as you can,t beat a nice size roach. Next chuck and i had what i,m not sure was a skimmer bream or a silver bream. Then followed another few bream of equal size which was great fun but were way too big for any perch to feed on.

Well after a couple of hours playing with the roach and bream i hadn,t caught any other species let alone any perch. I found this to be quite odd as all the fish i caught were way too big for a perch to manage to eat, i was beginning to think the rumours were just that, rumours. Anyway i carried on catching roach and bream but scaled my tackle right down and fished just of the bottom as i noticed that when i fished up the shelf i was getting small plucks and my maggots came back sucked so thought there might be gudgeon down there which would make great livebait. Fortunately i was right and caught 3 of the little blighters as well as 2 small roach, livebait sorted time to set up the perch gear. I hooked on a little gudgeon to a size 8 Pallatrax The Hook, i like these hooks as they are very strong but quite small for their size, slid on a trimmed down bait flag to stop it from coming off and flipped it out beneath a willow on a free roving float set up.

After an hour a had a take from a BIG perch which boiled on the surface before throwing back my little gudgeon in disgust. Boy was my heart pounding at that point. I carried on fishing my swim but nothing else showed so went on a little walk about dropping my bait into any likely looking areas to try and temp any strippies present. Eventually i got a cracking take which saw my float shoot across the surface at a rate of knots like a pike would take. A quick strike and i was into a fish which was pulling back quite nicely. After a few minutes tussle my prize was in the net, 2lb 5oz of pristine perch. A few quick pictures and she was sliding back into her home.

Well i was wrong about this small shallow water not being able to hold any sizable perch, and i will definately be back for the monster that i lost......


As most of the country has found out its been raining a bit of late, which has subsequently resulted in many rivers, streams and brooks flooding badly. A couple of local rivers have more water in them than i have ever seen before, flooding across acres of fields as well as flooding some roads making them impassable. I popped into a local area which has two rivers meet before splitting over a weir to see how they were running. I was shocked at the ferocity of the water as it raged and boiled along its track before exploding over the weir. So out with the camera to record what i saw.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

AT LAST.......

Last week i actually managed to get a few fishing sessions in fishing for pike on three different waters, and whats more i actually managed to catch something too.

Well the first session was a quick couple of hours fishing on a local syndicate lake. Its a water which hasn,t been fished properly for pike and is over 40 acres so theres plenty of scope there, but as mentioned no one has seen any signs of pike activity let alone seeing any mooching around. Well i did a few hours late one freezing cold afternoon moving from swim to swim around half of the lake float fishing various deadbaits but didn,t even get twitch. The water looks as though it could throw up some good pike as its big, got plenty of weed growth and bankside cover, has plenty of underwater features and is teeming with rudd. I had no luck this time but i,ll give a few more trys over the course of this winter.
Ready and waiting

The next trip was a dawn trip on a local river for a couple of hours, again after Esox. This was on part of the river which i have not fished before as i thought it was fished pretty heavily as it has easy access. How wrong was i, the first quarter mile or so has pretty worn banks where all and sundry have been fishing but after that the banks turn wild and it looks pretty much untouched, just what i was looking for. I fished along this stretch for a mile or so until i came to a lovely area where the back channel from a weir enters the main river and fished there for an hour or so. Unfortunately i didn,t manage to bank any pike as it was a day or so after the cold spell had finished so i reckon that had slowed the fish up, and there was also a hell of a flow running. I did get one take on the crease of the fast water but didn,t connect. I will definately be back as it screams fish.

My last trip was with Ryan to his syndicate, again after pike and this trip was actually successful for a change. I managed 5 pike with the biggest going 13.5lb, and Ryan managed 3 pike to 5lb. We started of chucking lures in some likely areas and i got a hit on the 5th cast but it came off. After that i had three different pike following my lure into the bank at different times which was fantastic in the clear water. I wish i,d taken a few pictures of them really but the excitement of actually seeing the fish took over. Unfortunately no pike came to the lures i think they were interested but still sluggish from the cold weather. The fish i did catch were covered in leeches where they had been resting up. It was a cracking day weather wise and the company was good as always and to top it off i actually caught some hard fighting pike.

13.5lb and she was in pristine condition.

Another good condition fish, 12lb this time.

A hard scraping little fella.

Thursday, 13 December 2012


 A properly set drop off indicator.
 All ready and waiting..
  Too close for my liking.
 I took these on my iphone today after a walk along a local river. I was getting itchy feet in the office.

I,ll be having a go for the pike here when the ice thaws.
These two pictures i took on tuesday morning at the field behind WATERBOUYS CENTRAL.

You looking at me Guv!!!!!!


The weekend before last i actually managed to blag the day off to go fishing as the other half was working, so excitedly i got my kit together on the saturday afternoon ready for the off 6am the following morning. All tackle was checked, batteries for the bait boat charged, drifter gear sorted out and tea gear prepped. I was ready for a day out at one of my BIG syndicate waters.

The morning can around and i loaded up the truck with all my fishing in the freezing darkness, lovely i thought as i do love fishing in a crisp frost first thing in the morning. Watching your breathe as you crunch along the bankside vegetation while you set up your kit is what i love about piking. After a short drive i was pushing the barrow around the lake to the spot i fancied, even though i try and limit the gear i take theres still quite a bit for a days dangling.

I arrived at my chosen area and started to set up my rods, first being a close in rod to be lobbed 25 yards out just past the drop off. Second was my distance rod which would be bait boated out to bar i know runs out 50-60 yards to the right. And lastly a drifter float set up which i,d allow to drift across the swim as i had a nice wind blowing from over my right shoulder. First cast with the close in rod and my sardine flies of into the distance, bugger.. Second cast and it so land where i want and as i go to reel in i,m snagged on some weed which promptly nicks my second bait, cobblers.. Third cast and its bang on the money, woohoo.. Next i get the bait boat to send my big herring out to the bar, boat in the water, set the trap door after putting the bait and tackle in, power up, purge then off we go. Except there was a horrible grinding noise after the boat went a few feet then it turned left and come back to me, try again and the same happens. I take the boat out of the water and find i,ve broken one of the inlets to prop jet type thingy as i can see its not turning when the other one is, bollix. Oh well i thump that rod as far as i can cast and set up the drifter rod.

My drifter set up is nice and simple and allows me to chuck it out quite a distance without tackling too bad. Unfortunately today it didn,t produce any fish, nor did the other rods although i did have a dropped run on the close in rod.

It was a shame this swim didn,t produce as it covers a lot of water and was really comfy to fish from. Especially when the sun came up as where i was sitting was sheltered from the wind but got the sun so it was quite toasty. Anyway by midday i gave up here and moved off to the deeper part of the lake thinking that the pike might be there considering it had been quite cold for the past few days and the deeper water might offer them a little more warmth. Boy did i make the wrong choice moving there.

When i arrived the wind was blowing but it was from my right and there was a bush to hide behind which i did, but after setting up and settling down with a nice hot saucepan of beef stew that i,d warmed up the wind changed and blew straight into my face. And boy was it fookin cold. I don,t really feel the cold as i wear the appropriate clothing and because i work outside for a living i,ve gotten used to it. But this time i really felt it, in the end i could only last a couple of hours before i packed up went home. I was so cold it actually hurt, i havn,t felt like that since i was a kid. Oh well defeated again but even though i got frozen i still enjoyed it.

Mmm beef stew............................

All that water and they have to come this close. Just before taking this picture a lad barely in his teens capsized his boat barely off my rod tips. I was going to take a picture but thought better off it as the coaches were doing their best not to let the boat drift into me. He must off been frozen taking a dunk though...

Sunday, 18 November 2012


This saturday just gone i sneaked out of the office early to have a couple of hours perch fishing on a local river. I,ve been itching to return after my pike trip there a few weeks back when i mhad a couple of big perch try to take my livebaits meant for old esox.

Well i grabbed half a pint of red maggots and a pot of lobworms from the local tackle shop and set of to the river arriving around 2.30pm. I love this little stretch of river, its only about 50ft wide with barely a flow unless its been raining heavily, and has boats moored down both banks creating lots of hiding places for the ambushing perch. There was some big shoals of bleak dimpling the surface just off the boats which i took for a good sign so set about tackling up in their area.
My set up for float fishing a lobworm is very simple. I like to use a chubber float as it carries a nice bit of weight as well as being able to hold up a small livebait if i do manage to catch one. This has a float stop either side of it to lock it in place, its only a few feet deep under the boats so i don,t bother with having the float sliding up and down the line. A couple of swan shots cock the float so it sits a little high in the water so i can see if theres any small fish playing with bait. Then i have a size 10 Kamasan animal hook tied to 4lb line. Lastly a nice fat lobworm which i hold on using a sliver of red plastic cut from a 30plus bait saver flag. Nice and simple but more importantly nice and effective.

I fished on until dark and had a few perch of the size in the piccie and a couple of smaller samples, but unfortunately none of the monsters which i know lurk in this stretch of water. It was a lovely relaxing way to spend a couple of hours after a hard days work though...


Not much to mention on the fishing front lately as the dreaded need to earn a crust has unfortunately been taking presidence. I,m currently trying to complete the  building of a pond which is fighting me every step of the way. Each stage is taking longer than it should and problems abound, but it should be finished in  the next day or so........

I did manage the weekend fishing for pike and zander up the Fens a couple of weeks ago with Ryan, but unfortunately the fish didn,t want to play ball. I think it was probably due to a cold spell which set in the day before. I did manage to bump a double figure pike at the net when we were set up along Ten Mile Bank saturday evening. I also had a dropped run after a couple of thumps when we dropped into fish The Old West for an hour or so before heading for home.

The only excitement, if you can call it that, of the weekend was the torrential rain which kept hitting us on numerous occasions saturday afternoon. It was bloody cold as well.

Saturday, 20 October 2012


A few days ago i managed to skip work a little early and decided to grab a pike rod and go fishing on a local river for the last couple hours of the evening. The weather was clear skies and actually quite warm, not ideal conditions but to be honest i didn,t really care as i had an itch which needed to be scratched and only a spot of fishing could reach it.

Soon as i arrived i set about catching some bait as i,d only brought one pike rod and wanted to walk up the river using a free roving livebait as bait to see if anything would grab hold, as i,d not fished this stretch for pike much i thought this technique would be the way to go to try and help me get a grasp of the river. After half an hour i had 6 nice size baits in the bucket so i stashed the bait catching rod back in the truck and set off up the river. Theres a lot of boats on this stretch and i like to fish a float close to these when i target the perch here, so i did the same with my pike rod thinking that they would be in similar areas hiding in the shade out of the sun.
I like watching a float as it trots in and out of the margins as the livie tows it behind as it does what it does. After a few minutes in my first spot the float shot under so quick it actually made me jump, a quick strike and a nice thump thump on the rod tip showed i had a fish on. After a few more thumps the biggest perch i,ve seen rolled on the surface and at the same time threw my livie and hook back at me in disgust. Now that was a BIG perch, thers been reports of 4lbers caught from a little further up this area and i,ve had them to 3lb 2oz, but this beastie was definately a lot bigger than my pb. I stayed in this area for a while but nothing more happened so i trotted of a couple boats away. After dropping the float back in it shot under again within a couple of minutes and i could see i was attached to another big perch, which again spat back my tackle. I reckon that the baits i were using were a bit too big for the perch to get in their mouth properly, small enough for them to have a go at but not small enough for them to fully engulf before i made my strike, and i won,t leave them to swallow the bait as that would only result in a deep hooked fish which is no good.
Every time i moved i would get a take on my livie, most of which i am certain where from perch as when i reeled in the bait it had no teeth marks. I did make contact with this tiny pike which kept throwing itself around as i brought him in, which is always good to watch. I also bumped of a bigger pike of around 6lb which came of at the net.

All in all i had a really enjoyable couple of hours fishing and its really got me thinking about big perch now .

Monday, 1 October 2012


Well i am allowed to advertise my on-line tackle shop as this is my blog after all............

My sites going from strength to strength, i,m getting in more stock weekly from various manufacturers and have recently unpacked the full  PIKE RANGE  from 30 PLUS.

I also have adverts going in CARP TALK, COARSE ANGLING TODAY and PIKE AND PREDATORS magazines soon.

Tackle brands i have in the shop are:










As well as lesser known brands. Pop in and have a look as i,m sure you will be impressed with our stocks and pricing. Keep popping in too as i,ll be running some big discount promos soon.


Heres another nice easier recipe for cooking on the bank whilst waiting for a screaming run.


First gently fry some sliced red onions and mushrooms in a little oil until nice and soft. Then tip onto a plate ready for the next stage. I used ready sliced onions and ready sliced mixed mushrooms as it was easier.

Next season your steak on both sides with salt and black pepper and chuck in the pan. Have your heat turned high to get a good colour. Cook until its done how you like it, rare medium etc. I like my medium well done so it took about 10 minutes or so.

Then tip your onions and mushrooms back in the pan with the steak and let all the flavours mix for a minute.

Next pour a packet of the Brandy and peppercorn sauce around the edge of the steak and heat for a few minutes until its bubbling, then stir it all about with the onions and mushrooms. I,ve cheated by using this ready made sauce from asda, but can asure you i won,t do it again as it wasn,t really to my taste. I,ll make my home made cracked black peppercorn sauce next time as its really easy and much tastier.

Place your steaks on your plate and then pour on the sauce, onions and mushrooms. Lovely.

Easily cooked and only took just over 15 mins from start to chomping.

Give it a try, its really easy and damn tasty too.....


Weekend before last i managed to blag a nights fishing on my syndicate lake as i,d been a good boy and the missus gave me the green light to go. Before she could change her mind i had my gear in the truck and was rumbling my way along the back roads towards the lake on the saturday afternoon, with plans to fish the night and best part of sunday. Weather was bright with patchy clouds and forecast to turn windy and unsettled. Just the way i like it.

Eventually after a walk round the lake and a chat with a couple of members i opted to fish a nice comfortable point swim which looks across a lot of water as well as a nice bay area to my right. Up with the carbon compact, gear arranged inside, kettle on, and i was ready to start a nice gentle, methodical set up of the rods. I,d already spent a bit of time locating areas in this swim and had spombed some boilies out on one spot, particles on another, and my third rod was going to be just using an oily stick mix. Stick mix was the first to be cast out 80 yds or so to a clear area near some reeds. Then the rod over the particles was flipped out 10yds up the margin on a lovely gravel area amongst some weed. Finally a balanced boilie was cast out over my spombed bed of boilies around 50yds out in a deep gulley type area. Being satisfied with the rods i plonked myself down and awaited the action.

Well it didn,t come...The only time the delkim sounded was when a bloody swan swam through my line, theres dozens of them here. I suppose the fact that the other lads didn,t catch either is a bit of a consolation i guess. I don,t know what it is but carp are my bogey fish. They,re meant to be easy to catch but i don,t seem to have much luck. Mind you i,m not actually that bothered as catching them doesn,t exactly light my fire, i only really fish for them to get my fishing fix during the summer while i wait for the winter pike fishing to come around again. Which is really really soon.............................

I suppose the best thing about this trip was that i cut it short and left for home about mid day as the weather reports were for rain. I drove 5 minutes away from the lake and it absolutely heaved it down with rain for the rest of the afternoon and through out the evening. Missed it, resuulltt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Its been a hard week at work this week and i,m knackered. Couple that with the fact that my better half is working away for the week and i have to look after and walk the dogs as well as keep the house tidy etc, i am well and truly fooked. Its actually 8.30pm as i write this on my laptop and i,m tucked up in bed with the dogs snuggled up next to me. What a lightweight !!!!!!!!!

I could of gone fishing this afternoon as i finished early enough but i was too knackered so sat on the sofa watching a series i recorded from sky called Ultimate Fishing Experience, i think thats what its called. Its a rather over enthusiastic chap from New Zealand who was fishing for great white sharks, then striped marlin followed by giant swordbills. All good adrenaline pumping stuff. This got me day dreamimg about the places i,ve fished abroad and the species i,ve caught.

I,ve done the carp fishing in France three times now, once on a small lake in the Loire valley region which was actually not particularly productive resulting in carp to upper doubles and catfish just into double figures, mind you the temperatures everyday were well up in the 30,s. Second time was at Le Lac Fishabil which was a real arm wrenching trip seeing me catch numerous carp to mid 30,s as well as a grass carp of 52.5lbs, a real beast, as well as sturgeon to upper doubles and catfish to 67lb. I really enjoyed this trip with two of my friends who also had a good run of fish. The third time was when i visited a friend who had been living in a small town called Buchaire at the meeting point of two large rivers, the name of which i can,t remember. Here we fished of the back of his houseboat and had carp upto low 30lbs on bread, sweetcorn and dog biscuits.

I,ve been to Estonia twice on exploratory predator trips arranged my good friend Allan from Predator People. Unfortunately the fishing was very poor on both the weekly trips we made, primarily  we think because the locals are quite poor and its their culture to eat everything they catch. The company and local nightlife was what made these trips so much fun. A word to the wise, be careful of their local vodka as it could strip paint let alone the insides of your throat....

I,ve had a week in Norway after the Yeda, or is it Jeda, either way we call them pike. That was an experience fishing from boats on a huge inland fyord. I,ve been informed that this fyord housed the island on which dozens of teenagers were shot recently. Anyways the fishing was pretty good but unfortunately didn,t result in any big fish coming to our rods. Beautiful surroundings though with our cabin being right on the waters edge.

I,ve just recently got back from The Carribean where i had a fortnights holiday and whilst there i had a days deep sea trolling in hope of a monster palaegic species but only ended up with a couple of tiddlers. That was a bit of an anti climax but none the less enjoyable and a new experience.

Jewel in the crown though was when i had a fortnight fishing on Rowan Lake in Ontario Canada. Now that was out of this world, we landed on the lake in a tiny sea plane and stayed on a tiny island in a log cabin for the duration of our trip. The fishing was fantastic with numerous Northern Pike to low doubles, Large Mouth Bass which fight like animals, Big Lake Trout taken from fishing below 50ft deep and i even managed two muskies to 19lb. The wild life was amazing with the sound of wolves howling on many nights and always the chance of seeing a bear or two roaming the lakes banks. I,ll write about it properly one day as it was simply out of this world and the memories from there will stay with me for a long time.

Well i,m going to end here and lay back and drift of to sleep with pictures of the places i,ve fished and the fish i,ve caught running through my meagre brain cell. I,ll put some pictures up of the trips when i have time.

Tight lines everyone.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

ALMOST HERE.........

At 6.30 this morning i left for work as usual, i generally do this 6 times a week as most of you do. Unfortunately we all have to work to pay for the trappings of modern life. But the past couple of mornings have been different, i,ve felt that slight coolness in the air. You can smell it too, Autumn, that is. It gives a slight cool, musky, fresh smell which re-freshens the senses. I love it............

Some of the trees locally have started to drop some leaves. And as you look across the fields you can see that the colours are starting to dullen as the leaves start to turn.

Farmers have been busy harvesting their fields which is always a sign of summer ending. And if you keep watch over these fields you,ll notice that the wood pigeons are started to group together.

Autumn is on its way....................


A couple of days ago i was sitting at my desk in the office trying my best to catch up on my ever increasing  paperwork but my head wasn,t in it. All i could think of was sitting in the sun by some water and attempting to catch some fish. I tried in vain to dismiss these thoughts and carry on number crunching but to no avail. Eventually, as always, the uncontrollable desire to wet a line over came me and i downed pen, turned off the computer and toddled of to my tackle room to grab some kit.

The problem now was what i actually should fish for and where. Within a 10 mile radius of where i live i have 6 club waters, 1 syndicate water, numerous miles of day ticket river and god knows how many miles of the Crouch and Blackwater estuaries to fish. Decision decisions!!!!! In the end i opted to take the light lure gear to my syndicate water and have a bash as last time i was there i spent an evening watching good size perch smashing through shoals of fry underneath the tips of my carp rods. It had to be worth a go..............

Well in a nut shell after a couple of hours lure tossing i hadn,t even received a tug. What made it even tougher going was the weed coverage of the lake, its covered in the stuff. Literally every cast resulted in a strand of weed hanging of the hooks. In the end i gave up and just had a nice leisurely stroll around the lake. What i saw in a shallow bay area of the lake made me stop in my tracks. Everywhere you looked big rudd were topping and rolling over the weed. Not just a few here and there but lots of them all over the area. For half an hour i watched numerous small shoals of them drift around .

That was all i could take so i shot of back to get some float gear via the local tackle shop to pick up some maggots. Around an hour later i was back at the lake setting my gear up in a swim just of off the weedy shallow area, the theory being that a constant rain of maggots on the water would draw the rudd out of the weed into slightly clearer water. I needn,t of worried as soon as my first pouch of maggots hit the water the constant boils on the surface showed that the rudd were already there. Out went my weighted waggler and within seconds my float shot away. After a cracking scrap on 3lb mainline with 1lb 8oz hooklink and size 18 hook a gorgeous rudd of just under a pound lay in my landing net.

And thats how the next couple of continued. I,d fire out a dozen maggots then cast my single maggot hookbait over the top of them then as my unweighted bait dropped through the water a bar of gold would snaffle it. I ended my short evening session with over 30lb of pristine rudd with half a dozen going over the 1lb mark and the rest being over half pound in weight. There was definately bigger rudd showing but i couldn,t seem to get through the smaller ones to get to them. Not that i,m complaining.

 The smallest perch i,ve ever caught. I,ve seen some big perch hunting in this lake so i,m looking forward to when the cooler weather arrives so i can target them.
I don,t normally use a keepnet as i prefer to return fish straight away but i wanted to see how many rudd i,d catch on this occasion. Over 30lb of gorgeous golden rudd in pristine condition.

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Well i,ve finally done what i,ve wanted to do for many years. I,ve started my own tackle shop. I know have an on-line tackle shop selling all the terminal tackle that you will need. My aim is to stock as many companies tackle as possible so that you,ll have a one stop shop for whatever you will need. So check out my website and find the items that your local shop doesn,t stock.

I,m adding new stock weekly so keep popping in to see which manufacturers we have. At the moment i have:


As well as numerous other small companies.


Since returning from holiday i,ve only managed one over night session on my syndicate water. Unfortunately this didn,t result in any carp on the bank but i did have 6 screaming runs which resulted in 6 good thumps on the rod as lifted into them which then resulted in me reeling in 6 great big balls of weed with no fish hidden inside. This water is a nightmare as there is so much weed in it making it really hard to find a clear spot. And when you find a spot to place a bait when you finally get a run the carp lodge tight in a nearby weedbed as soon as you pick the rod up. I will get to grips with the place, i just need to spend a bit more time there.

I did manage this cracking rudd on a zig rig with a small imitation beetle on the hook. First time i,ve used a zig before. Unfortunately it didn,t register a take and i only realised it was there when i reeled in. It has given me a little idea about trying for the rudd with smaller zigs on my lighter gear sometime though. I reckon that could be good fun.

I said a couple of posts back that i was going to be cooking better quality food on the bank from now on, so heres my first recipe for you to try out.


Pour boiling water over a pack of chow mein noodles as per instructions. Drain and place to one side.

Chop up some peppers, onions and mushrooms and lightly fry until they soften. Then add a little soy sauce, a little fish sauce and a little five spice. I,d already mixed these at home to save time, you could chop the veg at home too. When done tip the veg in with the drained noodles.

I,d bought some ready chopped turkey from the supermarket to make life easier. Chuck it in the same pan as you cooked the veg in and brown until cooked all the way through. Add a little more of the sauce type stuff then tip the veg and noodles back in the pan with the meat and stir until everything is warmed through.

DONE !!!!!!!!!