Sunday, 18 November 2012


Not much to mention on the fishing front lately as the dreaded need to earn a crust has unfortunately been taking presidence. I,m currently trying to complete the  building of a pond which is fighting me every step of the way. Each stage is taking longer than it should and problems abound, but it should be finished in  the next day or so........

I did manage the weekend fishing for pike and zander up the Fens a couple of weeks ago with Ryan, but unfortunately the fish didn,t want to play ball. I think it was probably due to a cold spell which set in the day before. I did manage to bump a double figure pike at the net when we were set up along Ten Mile Bank saturday evening. I also had a dropped run after a couple of thumps when we dropped into fish The Old West for an hour or so before heading for home.

The only excitement, if you can call it that, of the weekend was the torrential rain which kept hitting us on numerous occasions saturday afternoon. It was bloody cold as well.

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