Saturday, 31 December 2011


I,,ve been fishing a few times this year but to be quite honest the fishing has been a load of crap. I,ve blanked for pike on two venues, both stillwater and rivers. I,ve also blanked once for perch in my banker areas. Whats going on???

I have managed a couple of fish but nothing to jump and shout about.

A nice chub of around a pound or so on my floatfished lobworm.

Had this lovely 2lb perch as well.

Why the fishing has been so poor I just cannot say. I,ve fished in banker swims at the time in the perfect conditions, but on the whole its been really hard going for very little reward. Maybe it,ll pick up in the new year, heres hoping.................................


A few weeks ago Ryan and myself fished the Fens for a weekend with our expectations high with the thoughts of big pike and glass eyed zander rolling through our heads. We opted to fish a drain that we havn,t ventured upon before to see how it fairs compared to our usual haunts. After a bit of driving around we found a nice looking stretch and set about roving along its length. After a couple of moves I had a run on my livebait but totally missed it as I was day dreaming. We moved along to the start or a reeded area and swung out our baits, my two being a free roaming livie and a deadbait and Ryans being two deads. Within 5mins I had the shout from Ryan to signal he was into a fish, as I got closer to him the shout turned into a more urgent "hurry the fook up its a goodun" tone. And she was a goodun too, after a couple of runs I deftly, I,m getting good at netting other peoples fish, scooped up the pike and proceeded to carry her up the bank. She was a big girl for sure but still quite thin and on the scales she went 22lb exactly, his third Fenland 20lber, two from the Ouse and this one. To say we were both well chuffed would of been an understatement..........................
The rest of the weekend resulted in a couple of jacks to me and a 5lb zander to Ryan. But the sight of that beautiful big pike made it all worthwhile, and as the picture shows it actually put a smile on The Miserable Ones face :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

AHOY ME HEARTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After waiting for ages I,ve finally managed to get my custom fishing dinghy afloat. My Dad has made this from scratch in glassfibre to my specifications, its only a small easily manageble 8ft 6in glassfibre dinghy which has been built to take two big blokes and a bit of tackle. The idea being that I can use it on a couple of local rivers as well as take it up the Fens and use it on a few of the drains and smaller rivers there.
It may look small but its perfectly formed. Its got a flat floor which has glassfibre sealed epu foam beneath it which gives it exceptionally bouyancy so this baby isn,t going to sink. With the moulded ribs its also really stable. And thats a 4hp yamaha on the back which pushes it along lovely.
We used it on a local river and poodled of to fish behind some boats at a near by marina christened her in style with Ryan managing 2 perch over 2lb to just under 3lb. I had 2 pike of 3lb and 8lb on my livies as well as a lovely perch of 2lb 10oz. Oddly I caught these three fish on small live perch I,d caught earlier, a bait I,ve not used before as I,d heard that it wasn,t much good. Well I,ve decided that I,ll be using them in the future thats for sure
I,m looking forward to giving this little fish catching machine a good try out over the next few months. Also I,ve just bought a 12ft open kayak which is manageable by one person so that will be good fun for me as well.............

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Midday i arrived at a local club stillwater to have a go for the big perch i,ve heard rumoured that live there. I,ve fished it a couple of times last year but as yet have not managed to bank any perch over a few ounces but I keep thinking that there must be some biggies in there as its teeming with stunted silverfish. Anyway I set up half down the right side bank as the other two swims that I was hoping to get in are taken, this doesn,t bother too much as last time I was here in the next swim, which I can easily cast to, I found a deeper hole in the lakes bed close in and had some good fun catching double figure carp on my perch gear. the weather was overcast but mild with quite a strong breeze, jumper weather really.

I mixed up a nice dark groundbait mix of 50/50 van den eynde super black and sensas red magic along with chopped worms, maggots, liquid worm and grub juice and feed an area close in along the bank and another  two rod lengths out where the at the bottom of the marginal shelf. I cast my floatfished lobworm to the farther spot but after a couple of hours not even a twitch on the float so I drop back into my marginal area and straight away start to catch some small perch. I was getting lots of dips and tugs on my float so I swapped over to my bit catching gear to see if I could winkle out some livies. Straight away on my maggot hookbait I started to catch some lovely roach between half pound to just over a pound, which was great but I really wanted some little uns.

Then after 30 mins or so I hooked into something that just shot off across the lake. After 15 minutes I netted this ugly looking common carp which weighed in at just over 10lbs. After that fish the swim went dead and nothing else succumbed to any tactic that I tried.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


A few weeks ago I couldn,t contain myself anymore and had to point the truck Cambridgeshire way and fish the mighty Fenlands for their predatory inhabitants. I normally go for the weekend but unfortunately i could only do the one day so on Sunday 16th October I made my way North at stupid-o-clock to get to my chosen destination at first light.

I arrived at my chosen river before light and set about carrying my kit to my first swim, a well known big fish area once upon a time. I set up two rods on floats, one as a deadbait and the other as a free roaming livie rig, cast out the deadbait and them proceeded to winkle out a few nice silvers for the other. When I had enough of them I cast my float to the near margin to my left fishing 3ft deep over a bed of heavy weed. Over the next couple of hours I had 2 mid single figure pike and bumped of a good double on the lives. It was great fishing the lives as the water was really clear and I was fishing just over the top of the reeds and could see the pike stalking my bait. I,ve never witnessed that before.
Around late morning I upped sticks and had a drive around my usual haunts to get a feel for the place again and to see if anything had changed. I took a look at a lovely area I found last season on The Little Ouse and couldn,t believe how clear it was, that put me of fishing there to be honest as I could see the bottom quite easily. After a couple of hours driving from location to location I settled down in a swim that has been really kind to me over the years throwing up 2 twenty pound pike as well as numerous big doubles as well as some cracking zander to my rods.
I set up one rod on ledgered deadbait cast to the far reeds, one rod on sunken float pasternoster lobbed just past the near marginal shelf and the third rod was on my favourite free roaming livebait. Well I had a couple of takes on the ledger rods but nothing held on, but the float rod managed to bag me 3 pike around the 6lb mark which scrapped really well on my new ET Sneeker rod. I also had a small perch on a orange chubby shad from a small carrier stream close by which was the first perch i,ve had from there.

It was a long way, and expensive on fuel, to go for a days fishing but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The few fish I had were an added bonus as I just enjoy being out in the wilderness.............

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Few weeks ago i took delivery of my new toy, a second hand viper icon bait boat. I bought this because i,m planning on fishing a large water this winter for pike and its hopefully going to help me fish some of the distant areas. Well as you can guess i was gagging to try it out, especially as i also bought a fish finder for it as well, so on a rainy sunday morning i was set up on a local gravel at first light with everything ready for her maiden voyage.
I took her for a trip around my swim to get a feel for the controls and also to see what the bottom was like. This really surprised me as the contour of this lake is a lot more uneven than i thought, with troughs and humps rising and falling by 2-3ft here and there. I located a nice channel about 60 yds out which was behind a weed bed which i dropped a bait on. Then a hole 20 yds out which you wouldn,t guess was there as it was in the middle of a weedbed, so a bait went there as well. Finally i sent a floatfished roach out to an area where i saw some grebes working out in the middle and let that drift around with the wind about 4ft of the bottom in 10ft of water. The traps were set in areas i wouldn,t really of fished.

Well to cut to the chase i didn,t manage to bank any pike but i did get takes from all the spots i found, especially the float set, which i,ve done well on on this pit, which is great as far as i,m concerned as i probably wouldn,t of fished them if i hadn,t used the boat. I packed up about midday, as had family arrangements, a wet but very happy man. My bait boat performed admirably, i found some nice spots for the future, and i enjoyed myself using a new technique.

By the way i believe the reason i didn,t manage to land the takes i had was because of the heavy weed in the water. I felt the fish but it felt dull as though there was weed on the line. Thats my excuse and i,m sticking with it.........

Keep hauling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 6 October 2011


This sunday just gone i was up before it was light and winging my way to the local River Chelmer for a wee spot of dangling. Unfortunately i got my timings wrong and actually arrived a good 30 minutes before the sun even starting to rise. So in darkness i loaded myself up with tackle and set of to the area that i fancied fishing for perch and maybe a pike or two. Carefully i set up in my chosen swim trying not to make too much noise as i knew there could be a predator nearby in the bankside reeds waiting for the sun to rise and highlight his prey.

Well i got my float rod set up ready to catch some livies and also my perch rod set up ready to fish said livies just as it started to get light. Looking up the river it was a bit foggy which looked great and just added to the serenity as i sat there sipping on my cup of rosie.

As soon as it was light enough to see my float tip i started to fish single maggot on a size 22 in hope of some nice mouth size silver fish. Well the theory was there but over the few hours i fished i only managed two small roach which i could use as livies. I was otherwise totally mobbed by miniscule bleak, the tiniest you,ve ever seen were grabbing my maggot and running around with it but only now and then did i manage to hook one. And when i say they were small i really do mean it.
The two livies i did manage to catch went on to do me proud by catching me the two smallest pike i,ve ever seen. Perfect predators in minature they were, and i was very tempted to take them home and put them in a fish tank but thought better of it and returned them to grow to be my new pb,s in the years to come.
I also managed a couple of perch and a couple of chub to half pound i guess on my float tactics. All in all it was a beautiful couple of hours fishing, not as productive as i had hoped , but most enjoyable. Whats more i was back at home eating a cooked breakfast by 10am and diy,ing by 11am to keep the missus happy........

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I,ve decided that i,m going to be running a species list to keep track of what fish i have caught over the coming years.

I remember a while ago there was a chappie interviewed in Anglers Mail who spent his time fishing around the world amassing a huge list of different species and i have to say it was awe inspiring the amount of fish he caught and the effort he put into it. Well i,m not saying i,ll go to those extremes but i,m going to be keeping my own list from now on, both coarse and sea, and maybe some game if i ever do any fly fishing again.

Should be quite good fun i reckon............

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Last sunday i couldn,t sleep too well and was wide awake at 4.30am watching the bedroom curtains flutter in the breeze. What was i to do being awake at this ungodly hour!!! A rather impressive fart from the missus shook my senses and had me jumping out of bed getting dressed in the dark, promptly tripping over the dogs, and stumbling down the stairs to make a cuppa before getting my kit ready for a couple of hours sneaky dangling.

The problem was what should i fish for...

I have deadbaits in the freezer ready for the pike but it was forecast to be hot and it still felt too early. I had worms in the fridge which i could use on the perch or even chub on my local river, nah didn,t feel that. Then it hit me, ultralight lure gear for jack pike and hopefully a perch or two. Now that sounded like a good plan so i grabbed my kit and a box full of shads and alphabet lures and away i went to my local river arriving before the sun was even up...

My first spot was my banker swim in between two boats where i,ve had numerous perch on livebaits and worms. First cast with my favourite little white Super Sandra and i get a little tug on the retrieve, my fishey senses are tingling now. Next cast and my jig jig drop, jig jig drop retrieve is hammered by something with teeth. After a brief tussle a lovely striped perch of around 1.5lb ended up in my net.

After i returned this little fighter i recast to the same area and started to retrieve my Sandra, but this time i kept her up in the water a little and at a smooth steady pace. As she came past the boat she got well and truly grabbed by something considerably bigger than the previous fish. By the thump thump thump on the rod tip i presumed it was a perch and shortly i saw the shadow or a real bigger loom out of the weeds. Then it let go, bollix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a big beastie, i,ve had them to 3lb 12oz in this swim and that fish looked bigger. Nevermind it certainly got the juices flowing for the perching i plan to do this season.

After a few more casts i moved swims and managed a nice little jack pike which thrashed around on the surface throwing water everywhere. Its good when they do that but it does tend to kill the swim i think, so i moved a few more times but no luck. Just as the sun was getting quite warm and bright, about 8.30am, i decided to have one more cast in my banker swim before setting of home and my little Sadra was engulfed by a fat little pike or about 5lb. Now that was good fun playing him on my ultrlight gear as he gave me the right run around. I even had the audience of one of the boat owners who took pictures while i played him. I should of asked him to copy the pics for really.

After that i took a drive to another spot on a nearby river and had half hour tossing the lures there but the water was low and clear which didn,t help me in anyway but it was enjoyable none the less.

All in all i had a most enjoyable couple of hours lure fishing in the early hours. Unfortunately by the afternoon i was a little worse for wear not having much sleep and ended up snoozing on the sofa for the afternoon. So much for getting the tiling getting done that i,d promised her ladyship i,d do.  Oooooppppss!!!!!!


A couple of weeks ago i decided to have a couple of hours after the bass that i,ve been hearing rumours about that have been getting caught on the River Blackwater near to where i live. I chose a nice evening tide giving me high water at 9.30pm, ordered 3 packs of ragworm and waited for the day to come round. As it luck would have it i nearly didn,t go as the other half booked me in to have my tattoo finished off and a cancellation had come in and i was next on the list. So thinking that my arm was going to be smarting like a mofo i opted to give the fishing a miss that evening. It turned out that the tattoo was finished quicker than i thought and it also didn,t hurt half as much as the rest did so i rushed to get my gear together shot off, arriving at my chosen mark for 7.45pm.

It was a gorgeous evening with barely any wind and what turned out to be a cracking sunset. As i was tackling up i could hear fish splashing around about 100yds or so out and about 300yds further up the bank. I didn,t move up to them as the water is quite shallow close in and where i was setting up had deeper water which i thought would be a better bet. The water was gin clear and you could see the bottom 6ft out and 3ft deep.

As the sun started to set i started to get lots of rattles on the rod tips indicating that there was something fishey around. At 8.45pm i hooked and landed a beautiful little bar of silver in the shape of a scale perfect bass of around half a pound. Watching it swim away as i released it was great, i,ve not fished in estuary waters this clear before and i could see it working its gill as it took a breather before slowly but steadily swimming of back to the deep.
 I fished through to low water around 11.30pm and managed to land another 5 bass to 1.5lb on my worm baits cast both close in and as far as i could lob them. It was a fantastic nights sport and i,m really glad that i made the effort to give it a go. Next time though i,m taking peeler crab with me as i reckon this might winkle out the better fish. I had good rattles and thumps on every cast but couldn,t connect with them as i reckon they were probably the smaller basslets. I did get a very odd bite which was very like the ray bites i used to get when i used to boat fish a lot. I did manage to get it moving but the hooklink broke in the end. Most interesting...

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Last week i actually had a whole 7 days of off work and took the other half on holiday to Devon. We started of spending the first night in Dartmouth, a favourite place of mine as its absolutely beautiful as you stand on the quayside and look across the river to the opposite bank.
After our night in Dartmouth we went of to spend a few days with my family in Torquay as my sister was getting married there. All went well with the wedding and after a few days with the family we moved on to spend a couple of days staying in Longleat, where we visited the safari park and generally chilled out.
Whilst in Devon i just happened to find a rod, reel and bag of tackle stashed away in the car, so what was i supposed to do other than grab said gear and head down to Brixham breakwater with my Dad and have a wee dabble for the day. It was roasting hot as we set up stall half way along the breakwater, tying feathers to our rods we hoped to bag some mackeral. We both only had lightweight spinning rods so the feathers were cut down to 2 instead of 5 and started top launch them as far as we could. A few mackies were being caught further along from us but we struggled. I did manage to hook one but it fell off just as i was lifting it out of the water, they scrap like demons on light gear.

Having had enough of constant casting after a couple of hours i decided to set up a float rig and try for some wrasse on the inside of the harbour. Tackle was a large float carrying 4 aaa and a size 10 carp hook with a 10lb hook link. Straight away i started to gets tugs on my ragworm but couldn,t connect so i used a smaller piece of worm and finally banked a whopper.
Ok so it wasn,t a monster but it did put up a good fight. After this first wrasse i just kept on catching them, all around the same size except for one slightly larger specimen which really did give me the run around even snagging me under a rock at one stage.
I also managed a right odd looking goby/blenny type thingy which i keep meaning to look up in a book to see what it actually is but keep forgetting.
after a few hours of this floatfishing fun i,d lost count of how many wrasse i.d caught and i,d lost double that amount as well. It was great bit of holiday fishing and i,d forgotten how enjoyable it is to catch these min sea fish. Shame you do,nt get them around the shores of Essex.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Hi everyone, just thought i,d drop this in to let you know about a recent trip i had on the 26th to a local river in search of the mighty stripey....

Well i arrived at my destination about 7pm on what was a very hot evening following a scorcher of a day. I was all revved up to try for a nice fat summer perch so i started of in an area between some boats with a few lures to try and tempt anything with teeth. Well after an hour i hadn,t even had a tug which i was a little disappointed in as this stretch is usually jack pike alley during the winter months. I then decided it was time to target the species i had come for, The Perch, so off i went and sneaked into my favourite swim in front of a big live-aboard boat. Your not actually allowed to fish this area but as long as your quite, don,t leave any mess and generally behave your ok. Thats unless some toss bag of a boat owner doesn,t telephone the lock keeper who promptly comes round and kicks you off, as happened to me this time. Why are people who own boats so against us anglers???

Nevermind as before i got told to leave i had managed to land a few small perch a beautiful half pound chub and a turbo charged 2lb sergeant on my float fished lobworm tactics.
 I opted to walk past the boats to an area where you are allowed to fish and spent a while catching some small silvers ready for some livebaiting. Oddly this didn,t even bring a response from either a perch or pike not even a nibble. It was good fun catching the bait though as i managed a nice mixed bag of chublets, rudd, roach and small bream. I sat it out into darkness but nothing materialised, which didn,t really matter that much as it was a beautiful evening. I also saw two low double figure carp cruising the shallows which have got my carp buds tingling as i,ve been considering having a go for a river carp. Strange really as i can,t get that excited about catching carp from a lake but from a river does get the juices flowing, we,ll see.............


Hi all, its been a while since my last post because i,ve been so busy with work. Everyones ponds are having problems and its yours truly who gets the job of fixing them. Nevermind it pays for the fishing i guess.

Anyways on 21st June myself and my Dad pointed my truck in the Norfolk direction and set of at 5.30am bound for wroxham broad. I,d booked a days lure fishing with my old mate Allan Griffith owner off Predator People and he was going to take us out in search of some nice lure munching pike and perch.

We arrived an hour early and found Allan already with boat in water waiting so we loaded up quickly and away we went. We started in the river by slowly drifting while there was little boat traffic around. The aim being to cast our various lures into any likely looking areas. It started of an overcast day with a little breeze which we thought would be perfect conditions for a toothy attack on our lures. Well after a morning of doing this all we had to show for our efforts was a small pike each and a couple of small perch which came of at the boat.

We motored up the river, down the river, in this broad and that broad but it was hard going. Everything seemed perfect, water clarity was good, there was a slight breeze rippling the water, the sun would come out then we,d have cloud cover but do you think the fish would play ball, not on your nelly......

Even though we struggled for fish both myself and my Dad had a great day out with Allan as we always do and will be booking a day with him bait fishing during the winter season at some point. Check out his website  and treat yourself to a day out with him, you won,t be dissappointed.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Hi all, i havn,t been fishing much of late due to work commitments so havn,t had anything to report on really. I,ve spent my spare time, which there hasn,t been much off, either doing the dreaded diy or just sitting comatosed on the sofa watching the big flashing window on the wall.

I did actually manage to get a mornings fishing on bank holiday Monday at a local club water. The weather was due to be nice in the morning and wet and horrible in the afternoon, so i opted to get up early and beat the rest rest of the anglers and arrived on the bank at 4.30am. OOOOOhhhhhh that was hard to do..

I set up in a nice swim with a big bay in front of it and lillies also 5 yards out. My approach was a small method feeder cast to the far margins of the bay in hope of a passing tench and possibly a carp, and float fishing tight to the near lilly pads primarily for tench again but basically anything that came along. Within 15 mins my method loaded with dark groundbait, hemp, corn, micro pellets and dead maggots and wetted with hemp oil, liquid worm, csl liquid and my favourite for tench molasses, splashed down in the desired spot. Hookbait was 2 pieces of sweetcorn topped with a fake piece of maize, again a favourite bait for my tenching. Well in a nut shell i didn,t manage any tench but i did have a couple of bites and also landed a rather ugly but turbo charged 4lb common carp which gave me a right bashing until i managed to net it.

On the floatfishing side i used double maggot fished on the drop as this was the only method that actually managed to get a tug. I tried bread, sweetcorn and pellet fished on the bottm in hope of a tench but no joy. When i slipped on a couple of maggots they were intercepted on the way down by some cracking rudd ranging from 4-10oz i guess. Immaculate they were too, probably because most anglers who fish here go after the carp i guess so probably uncaught. If the bait managed to make its way to the bottom then i was rewarded with some beautiful roach, again between 4-10oz.
I ended the morning with what i reckon was around the 15lb mark of beautiful silver fish. I,d forgotten how much fun it was to catch good sized rudd and roach.

What i did notice was the lack of small bait robbing silverfish, i have a hunch that it could be due to the large population of eels in this pit. Last year when i was targetting the eels at night i had to bring the rods in around midnight so as i could get some sleep as the eel rods were screaming of all over the place. Also i noticed that some of the roach and rudd i caught  had what i,m sure were bite marks around their vent. There wasn,t actually any tooth penetration but there was plenty of scale damaged, similar to a perch attack but from underneath, i,m guessing from where the eel is surging upwards to grab its prey. There is definately some BIG eels in this water as i,ve seen pictures of 2 over 7lb and a few over 5lb, but so far i,ve only managed them to 3lb. I,m definately having another go for them this year if i get the chance..

Monday, 2 May 2011


Yesterday one off my fishing clubs opened up their gates again after a months closure. Considering it had been a sunny day and i was really in need of a bit of fishing R&R I grabbed some kit and popped over to my local club water no more than a mile from where i live. As was expected it was pretty rammed with anglers, well carpers actually, but i didn,t mind as i was going surface fishing for some of the carp population in some sneeky out of the way swims that never see a boilie, pellet or hair rig.
 My first couple of swims saw a couple of carp slowly rise to my oiled floating trout pellets but not actually taking them with any gusto. So i set of around the complex taking note of any likely looking areas for future trips. This complex has 8 gravel pits to choose from 3 around 3/4 acres and the remaining 5 are only small, small enough to cast a float across.
By about 6.30pm i had located a swim on pit 5 which had a fair few carp readily taking my pellets so i sat myself down and got ready for some action.
The swim itself had a line of reeds cutting it off from the rest of the pit so no one could really see me and it definately wasn,t favour with the carp boys, who seemed to have the biggest bivvies known man.
After 5 mins of feeding i made my first cast tight to the reeds and within 60 seconds a big pair of lips appeared and slurped down my artificial dog biscuit. A quick strike and i was attached to a turbo charged carp which ran me around the swim. As i was playing this carp there were still more carp taking my free offerings so i flipped out a few more.
After a couple of minutes i banked my prize of a cracking near fully scaled mirror of roughly 6lb. I then followed him up with a scrapper of a common which went around the 4lb mark. Fish were still taking my floating trout pellets so i carried on fishing for them. Usually I catch one, sometimes two carp from the same area then leave the swim alone for a while, but this time they were still feeding strong so i made hay while the sun shone. After losing a couple of fish due to me being a bit heavy handed i hooked into something a lot stronger which gave me a good tussle
for a few minutes before i slipped a net under a beautiful plump 11lb common carp. Not big I know but great fun none the less.
I moved off to another swim after this and lost another couple of fish due to me having to bully them away from the snags but i don,t mind as they were lost due to hook pulls not snap offs.
For those interested my tackle consisted of my ET Sneaker rod, 10ft 4 piece, a Shimano 6000re loaded with 8lb Korda floater line, a size 8 raptor hook (I think) and a piece of artificial dog biscuit made by Enterprise Tackle. All simple stuff but all i need for this kind of fishing.
I thoroughly enjoyed my couple of hours fishing, travelling light and walking around is great fun. Also its quite enjoyable watching the carp boys faces when i winkle out a carp from the overgrown swim next to them as they stand their glaring at me.....

Sunday, 17 April 2011


Last week Sharon and myself took the dogs for a walk along another estuary river close to where we live. The weather was sunny with a nice wind which kept you cool as the temperature started to go up. The tide was just starting to come in as we reached the top of the sea wall which meant I could see where the deeper water was.

We walked for about a mile until we came to a sharp bend in the sea wall and where the deeper water looked to be closer in. As i walked round a bush saying to myself how this area looked ideal for a spot of fishing in front of me were 2 old boys waiting for the tide to come in some more. After a good chat with them some good local information was given and greatly received. Apparently this is a good area for bass, with some good size fish being caught too, as well as mullet. Throw in some flatties and eels and alls good.

Well that made my mind up to give it a go here in the next couple of weeks when the tides right, as not only is it barely fished, its also pretty, quite and not too far a walk. Also i can bring the dogs along too which is a bonus. As Sharon and I sat on a bench near to the corner we could see a couple of seals popping their heads out of the water on the opposite side of the river. As Harry splashed about in the margins in front of us the seals got more and more curious and slowly made their way closer to us, popping there heads up every 10 yards or so. It was great to watch and was Sharons first glimpse of wild seals.

I,m right royaly chomping at the bit to get my bass gear out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This morning i was up at 4.30am and drinking a cup of tea whilst making my sausage sandwiches in anticipation of a good days tenching at a local club water. It was misty outside which added to the excitement as i started the truck engine and set of to my destination. Upon arrival, a little later than i hoped for, the sun was rising but shrouded by low mist and the water had a lovely whisp floating above it. A classic tench fishers morning.

I spent the next 45minutes watching the water for signs of tench activity but unfortunately all that was showing was a few silver fish, not even a carp was seen to bosh out. Pretty odd really as this is quite a visual lake as you always see fish of one sort or another moving around in the upper layers. A decision was made and i was loaded up and making my way around to the opposite side of the lake where there was a large gap between the slumbering carpers. It amazes me how most carp anglers sleep in late while they are fishing. Early morning is the best time to watch for carp activity, and shortly after setting up i could see a few milling around in front of one dozing carpers swim.

Two rods were set up after a little cast about with the marker float. One was going to be a method with a whittled down white amber strawberry boilie, fished over a large bed of hemp, pellet and some broken up matching boilies fished no more than 15ft from the bank in 8ft of water. The other was maggot fished helicopter style above a maggot feeder cast over a light spread of hemp, pellets and maggots. This was cast 50ft out in roughly 10ft of water. Both rods were to my left in a small kind of bay area.
 It was a nice comfortable swim so after casting out the rods on went the kettle and i sat there contently all at peace with the world. What a load of cobblers, i sat there with a sore finger because i burnt it lighting the stove, a wet hand as i,d spilt my tea, and deafened by the constant roar of the traffic as they thundered up the road behind me. But at least i was fishing!!!!!!!
Well i fished until 2pm and only had the one full blooded run which unfortunately amounted to nothing. I had a few knocks on the method though which is always a good sign. I did see a very large tench roll 10ft from the bank in front of the swim which means i was roughly in the right place. On walking back to the car i saw quite a few carp cruising the margins just below the surface which i reckon means its about time to crack out the floaters.It was an enjoyable mornings fishing which taught me a few more things about the water, now all i need is to actually catch something.................................
                                                        Nettle flower

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I,ve come to the tough decision that i have to sell one of my fishing boats as i barely use it any more and i need the space. The boat is a Shetland 535 Fast fisher 17ft glassfibre jobbie with a tuned 40hp yamaha outboard on the back. The boat itself is ready to go fishing with all steering and morse controls working fine. The gelcoat is a bit flat but sound, theres no holes or osmosis and just needs water.

 The outboard is a Yamaha 40hp and was rebuilt a few years ago and has only been used for a few hours and is in immaculate condition and runs fine. Its electric start and needs an external fuel tank. As the pictures will show its immaculate.

The trailer needs a little bit of work, new wheel bearings and possibly a little welding here and there.
All in all its ready to go and is ideal either for sea fishing or pike fishing.

I,m after £1200 which is a good price considering what i,ve seen them going for on ebay. The boat is stored near to Basildon in Essex and you can email me to arrange a viewing or ask any questions:  

Cheers BRYAN


I had a spare morning this sunday gone so i,d planned to have a few hours after the tench at a local club lake. I,d cooked up some hemp and giant maize the night before  in preparation for laying a good bed of bait out. I,d already soaked the hemp in water, hemp oil, salt crystals and some liquid betaine to add a wee bit of sweetness, then boiled the life out of it for an hour until it split. My plan was to bait up a margin spot liberally with the hemp and then find a nice clear spot further out and give it a good carpet of the little seed. Then i was going to fish a nice hempy, oily method mix with lots of molasses over the top of both, probably with sweetcorn as hookbait.

Well i arrived at the lake just after sun up and found a nice corner swim with lots of over hanging bushes in the margins and i also spotted a couple of bream rolls about 30yds out so they made a good bet for one area. I set about spodding out my bait and had two rods fishing within 45 minutes of arriving.
With one rod just to the right in front of a nice big willow, in a depth of roughly five foot i was confident that this would be irresistable to any passing tincas. The other rod was fishing in open water just past some weed roughly where i had seen the bream roll earlier. With the traps set i settled down with a nice cuppa and a fresh coissant in anticipation.
After half hour or so i started to get a couple of little knocks and bleeps on the alarm, here we go i thought any minute now. Unfortunately nowt happened. Over the course of the morning i continued to have single bleeps on the alarm but nothing actually took the bait. I was recasting every 30 minutes to freshen up the method but still nothing materialised.
With cover like this i couldn,t beleive that i didn,t manage to catch anything. Maybe the fish were further up the lake in the deeper water still. Never mind as i,ll definately be back to give it another try. I thing that this corner is going to produce well during the early summer, i have a feeling in my water.

Well i didn,t blank in the end as i,d packed my light lure gear and managed to winkle out a small jack of roughly 2lbs in the next swim on a small rubber shad. Good fun and most enjoyable for a couple of hours of a sunday morning.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


On sunday after work ( yes i had to work sunday, horrible, horrible, horrible) i thought i,d take the dogs out for a nice long run. I had an area in mind for us as i wanted to check out the local sea wall for a couple of areas that have been recommended to me as being good spots for bass and ray fishing. When i arrived i was quite surprised at how many people there was walking, it was a lovely day though so can,t blame them for disturbing my peace lol.

Well we had a lovely walk of roughly 6 miles along the wall, with Harry the retreiver and Oscar the springer having fun splodging around in the thick, black, stinking estaury mud. They were both totally knackered by the time we got back to the truck and i even had to lift them into the back.

Harry loves swimming now, he never used too but last year we managed to get him swimming at Bradwell and now you can,t keep him out of the water. Its a bit of a pain really as i can,t take him fishing with me.

Oscar on the other isn,t too bothered about swimming and just splashes around in the margins getting wet and muddy. But he does go fishing with me and loves it when we go up the fens for the weekend.

The walk was actually quite informative as the tide was on the way out so i saw some of the gullies and deeper areas which will be worth  fishing soon. Also i was quite surprised at how deep this part of the river is. I,m getting quite excited now for the fishing coming up soon as this has really wet my whistle.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Having been thinking about it for a while now i finally decided to get my ass in gear, order some worms and have a few hours sea fishing this tuesday just gone. It was only a wee trip to blow the cobwebs out so to speak as i havn,t cast a line into saltwater for over a year now. My intended quarry was going to be the humble flounder, with maybe a late whiting thrown in. The venue was to be one of the floating boat pontoons situated along the front of Burnham as its only a couple of miles from home, is nice and comfortable to fish and puts you over 12-15ft of water so you don,t really need to cast that far, although i do.

With a couple of packs of lugworm picked up from Angling Essentials and a couple of mackeral from my freezer i set of for Burnham at 6.30pm. By 7pm i was set up and had both rods cast out, one cast as far as possible and the other around 30 yards out.
No action occured until just before high tide when a rattle on my short cast rod resulted in a tiny pin whiting. Well its better than a blank. I then proceeded to have quite a few rattles on both rods for the next hour or so which i reckon where small whiting again, but i couldn,t manage to hook then. I did manage to land a hard fighting star fish though, as well as someone elses snapped up rig with hook, links, 5oz weight and about 50ft of line.
Fish wise i guess it was a pretty disappointing trip, but i thoroughly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to my next session which will be after the mighty bass. Hopefully some of a decent size will be paying me a visit this year, and theres also a good chance of a roker too as they are both caught from the venues i will be fishing..........