Saturday, 2 July 2011


Hi everyone, just thought i,d drop this in to let you know about a recent trip i had on the 26th to a local river in search of the mighty stripey....

Well i arrived at my destination about 7pm on what was a very hot evening following a scorcher of a day. I was all revved up to try for a nice fat summer perch so i started of in an area between some boats with a few lures to try and tempt anything with teeth. Well after an hour i hadn,t even had a tug which i was a little disappointed in as this stretch is usually jack pike alley during the winter months. I then decided it was time to target the species i had come for, The Perch, so off i went and sneaked into my favourite swim in front of a big live-aboard boat. Your not actually allowed to fish this area but as long as your quite, don,t leave any mess and generally behave your ok. Thats unless some toss bag of a boat owner doesn,t telephone the lock keeper who promptly comes round and kicks you off, as happened to me this time. Why are people who own boats so against us anglers???

Nevermind as before i got told to leave i had managed to land a few small perch a beautiful half pound chub and a turbo charged 2lb sergeant on my float fished lobworm tactics.
 I opted to walk past the boats to an area where you are allowed to fish and spent a while catching some small silvers ready for some livebaiting. Oddly this didn,t even bring a response from either a perch or pike not even a nibble. It was good fun catching the bait though as i managed a nice mixed bag of chublets, rudd, roach and small bream. I sat it out into darkness but nothing materialised, which didn,t really matter that much as it was a beautiful evening. I also saw two low double figure carp cruising the shallows which have got my carp buds tingling as i,ve been considering having a go for a river carp. Strange really as i can,t get that excited about catching carp from a lake but from a river does get the juices flowing, we,ll see.............

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