Saturday, 2 July 2011


Hi all, its been a while since my last post because i,ve been so busy with work. Everyones ponds are having problems and its yours truly who gets the job of fixing them. Nevermind it pays for the fishing i guess.

Anyways on 21st June myself and my Dad pointed my truck in the Norfolk direction and set of at 5.30am bound for wroxham broad. I,d booked a days lure fishing with my old mate Allan Griffith owner off Predator People and he was going to take us out in search of some nice lure munching pike and perch.

We arrived an hour early and found Allan already with boat in water waiting so we loaded up quickly and away we went. We started in the river by slowly drifting while there was little boat traffic around. The aim being to cast our various lures into any likely looking areas. It started of an overcast day with a little breeze which we thought would be perfect conditions for a toothy attack on our lures. Well after a morning of doing this all we had to show for our efforts was a small pike each and a couple of small perch which came of at the boat.

We motored up the river, down the river, in this broad and that broad but it was hard going. Everything seemed perfect, water clarity was good, there was a slight breeze rippling the water, the sun would come out then we,d have cloud cover but do you think the fish would play ball, not on your nelly......

Even though we struggled for fish both myself and my Dad had a great day out with Allan as we always do and will be booking a day with him bait fishing during the winter season at some point. Check out his website  and treat yourself to a day out with him, you won,t be dissappointed.

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