Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Welcome fishing friends, i hope you all had a good Christmas full of good food, good company and hopefully a few angling related presents. I know i,ve had a lovely couple of days in the company of family and friends but i,m itching to get out fishing but unfortunately i still have a couple of days left of family visits before i,m let loose again. I guess my only consolation is that its pissing down here so i probably wouldn,t of gone anyway. Who am i kidding i would just don the waterproofs and got on with enjoying myself.

Well i managed a couple of trips before christmas which proved to be both a blessing and a bind.

First off i spent the afternoon fishing a very small local pond which i,ve heard rumours of large perch being caught. This water is less than an acre in size and shallow with depths no greater than 3ft. Its a pretty little water though and i enjoyed my few hours fishing there.

I started off by fishing for the silvers to get an idea of how prolific the water is and also to see if i could bag a few small ones for livebait. Well straight away i was into some nice size roach and also skimmer bream, or at least i think they are skimmer bream, possibly silver bream but as i said i,m not too sure.
It was actually a fish a chuck once they got feeding which i really quite enjoyed before i decided to get my perching gear set up as it was getting late in the day.
Perch rod


A couple of evenings ago i decided to have another go at catching a thornback ray at a local mark. I got there a good 4 hours before high tide to fish the tide up in hope of catching some bass as well. Fortunately the mark i wanted to fish was free so i quickly set up my rods and started to cast various squid, herring and ragworm hookbaits out at different ranges. I use 3 rods whenever i can as it gives you more scope, most fish come to the 2 rods cast to the horizon but its surprising how often the short distance rod will produce the bigger fish.

There was no action until just before high tide when as i was having a little beach comb i noticed my ragworm baited rod start to nod then pull down. As ran up the shore whatever was on the end of my like just kept on pulling until my tripod and all 3 rods had come crashing down on the rocks. Once the active rod was picked up mi started to pump in a heavy weight which thumped every so often. I wasn,t sure what was on the other end but was pleasantly surprised to see a nice thornback ray break the waves and get temporally get stuck in the weeds around the high tide line. My second ray woohoo.......

Shortly afterwards i landed a small basslet on my close in rolling rod which put up a good account of its self on my carp rod. I left an hour after that as there was no more action and i had run out of bait. All in all a cracking few hours fishing after work. I,m really getting into sea fishing again


Recently i,ve heard a few rumours that some big tench have been caught from a local day ticket lake, just a couple of miles away from WATERBOUY TOWERS, with at least one confirmed double figure beastie being banked. Well as you,d expect, these catches got me interested so at the beginning of last week i paid a little recce visit to the aforementioned water. I,ve known of this water for the past 6 years since a couple of locals took on the mammoth task of renevating the, long left wild, water. When i first had a look at it all those years ago i had to admit it didn,t inspire me as it was just an overgrown hole in the ground with huge piles of rubbish and soil everywhere, so i didn,t bother to pay any attention to it. When i turned up there a week ago it looked like a totally different lake, the overgrown reeds, bushed etc had been sympathetically cut back. There was plenty of good size clean swims which had been built, but with plenty of space between them. And there was a pleasant array of wildlife swimming, flying and fluttering around. I was impressed and after a chat with the owner i decided that i would give it a fish the following night.

Late the following afternoon i was setting up camp in a point style swim shielded on both sides by 5ft high reed and bullrushes, with a nice bay round to my right and a nice reedbed in front at 30 yards. After a quick plumb around i found that the right side of the swim went down to 11ft then shallowed up to a plateau of around 2ft directly in front of the swim, then deepened of to 6ft to the left of the swim. Excellent i thought, plenty of veraitions and features to work too. I baited just of the right side of the plateau with a couple kilo of mixed particles, dead maggots and micro pellets and dropped a maggot feeder baited with Enterprise artificial maggots on the spot. The left rod was a small method feeder baited with critically balanced Enterprise sweetcorn cast to the bottom of the shelf to my right. The 3rd rod was a trimmed down Grange boilie with a pva bag of boilie crumb and micro pellets cast cast to reed bed to the left slightly.

Well i fished through until 10am the following morning as i had to go to work, and because i ran out of bait. The most action came to the method feeder and i lost count of how many fish i caught, roughly a dozen tench upto 4lb and about the same amount of carpm to 8lb. The maggot feeder produced the biggest tench of about 6lb but unfortunately it threw the hook at the net, typical. The boilie rod didn,t even get a sniff.

All the fish were well fed and healthy little blighters and scrapped like demons on my light tackle. All in all i had a great time and was knackered after catching that many fish and getting just as many dropped runs as well.

I will definately be back there trying for one of the biggies....

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I ventured onto the rivers a day after the new season had begin as the weather was beautiful and i couldn,t be bothered doing any work. By 3pm i had walked the mile and half to the small weir pool that i fancied having a fish in. I,d stopped of in a couple of chubby looking swims on the way and had spotted a couple of small chublets drifting about but seeing as the water was really clear and the sun bright i decided on not giving them a go. The weirpool on the other hand looked great, slightly coloured with plenty of turbulence and a lovely slack area in front of my swim.

I set up my quivertip rod and cast a maggot feeder out just into the flow with a 2 maggot baited hook attached. Straight away i was into fish, mainly small chub with some roach to half pound a few nice dace, i havn,t caught any dace for years, and a few perch to around the half pound mark.

All the fish i caught were in immaculate condition, well fed and hard fighting. I did somehow manage to lose a much bigger perch at the net, i think i was bullying it a little too hard too be honest

When i was bringing in a small perch all of a sudden there was an explosion of water and a nice pike of around 5lb grabbed it. After 5 minutes i somehow managed to land the opportunistic pike, if you look at the pikes back in the picture you will see the perch it had grabbed, fortunately he was none the worse for wear and swamm of strongly.

After fishing for a few hours i had caught a really nice mixed bag and as the sun was starting to set i decided to catch half a dozen small silvers and set of in pursuit of some nice perch. I fished a few swims until dark and managed to avoid the perch, but i did catch 4 pike to 8lb which i was more than happy with. The pike scrap really well on my light perch gear. Unfortunately i seem to have lost the pictures of the bigger pike which was a stunning looking fish.

Tight lines everyone........