Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Welcome fishing friends, i hope you all had a good Christmas full of good food, good company and hopefully a few angling related presents. I know i,ve had a lovely couple of days in the company of family and friends but i,m itching to get out fishing but unfortunately i still have a couple of days left of family visits before i,m let loose again. I guess my only consolation is that its pissing down here so i probably wouldn,t of gone anyway. Who am i kidding i would just don the waterproofs and got on with enjoying myself.

Well i managed a couple of trips before christmas which proved to be both a blessing and a bind.

First off i spent the afternoon fishing a very small local pond which i,ve heard rumours of large perch being caught. This water is less than an acre in size and shallow with depths no greater than 3ft. Its a pretty little water though and i enjoyed my few hours fishing there.

I started off by fishing for the silvers to get an idea of how prolific the water is and also to see if i could bag a few small ones for livebait. Well straight away i was into some nice size roach and also skimmer bream, or at least i think they are skimmer bream, possibly silver bream but as i said i,m not too sure.
It was actually a fish a chuck once they got feeding which i really quite enjoyed before i decided to get my perching gear set up as it was getting late in the day.
Perch rod

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