Wednesday, 10 July 2013


A couple of evenings ago i decided to have another go at catching a thornback ray at a local mark. I got there a good 4 hours before high tide to fish the tide up in hope of catching some bass as well. Fortunately the mark i wanted to fish was free so i quickly set up my rods and started to cast various squid, herring and ragworm hookbaits out at different ranges. I use 3 rods whenever i can as it gives you more scope, most fish come to the 2 rods cast to the horizon but its surprising how often the short distance rod will produce the bigger fish.

There was no action until just before high tide when as i was having a little beach comb i noticed my ragworm baited rod start to nod then pull down. As ran up the shore whatever was on the end of my like just kept on pulling until my tripod and all 3 rods had come crashing down on the rocks. Once the active rod was picked up mi started to pump in a heavy weight which thumped every so often. I wasn,t sure what was on the other end but was pleasantly surprised to see a nice thornback ray break the waves and get temporally get stuck in the weeds around the high tide line. My second ray woohoo.......

Shortly afterwards i landed a small basslet on my close in rolling rod which put up a good account of its self on my carp rod. I left an hour after that as there was no more action and i had run out of bait. All in all a cracking few hours fishing after work. I,m really getting into sea fishing again

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