Thursday, 7 April 2011


I had a spare morning this sunday gone so i,d planned to have a few hours after the tench at a local club lake. I,d cooked up some hemp and giant maize the night before  in preparation for laying a good bed of bait out. I,d already soaked the hemp in water, hemp oil, salt crystals and some liquid betaine to add a wee bit of sweetness, then boiled the life out of it for an hour until it split. My plan was to bait up a margin spot liberally with the hemp and then find a nice clear spot further out and give it a good carpet of the little seed. Then i was going to fish a nice hempy, oily method mix with lots of molasses over the top of both, probably with sweetcorn as hookbait.

Well i arrived at the lake just after sun up and found a nice corner swim with lots of over hanging bushes in the margins and i also spotted a couple of bream rolls about 30yds out so they made a good bet for one area. I set about spodding out my bait and had two rods fishing within 45 minutes of arriving.
With one rod just to the right in front of a nice big willow, in a depth of roughly five foot i was confident that this would be irresistable to any passing tincas. The other rod was fishing in open water just past some weed roughly where i had seen the bream roll earlier. With the traps set i settled down with a nice cuppa and a fresh coissant in anticipation.
After half hour or so i started to get a couple of little knocks and bleeps on the alarm, here we go i thought any minute now. Unfortunately nowt happened. Over the course of the morning i continued to have single bleeps on the alarm but nothing actually took the bait. I was recasting every 30 minutes to freshen up the method but still nothing materialised.
With cover like this i couldn,t beleive that i didn,t manage to catch anything. Maybe the fish were further up the lake in the deeper water still. Never mind as i,ll definately be back to give it another try. I thing that this corner is going to produce well during the early summer, i have a feeling in my water.

Well i didn,t blank in the end as i,d packed my light lure gear and managed to winkle out a small jack of roughly 2lbs in the next swim on a small rubber shad. Good fun and most enjoyable for a couple of hours of a sunday morning.

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