Sunday, 17 April 2011


This morning i was up at 4.30am and drinking a cup of tea whilst making my sausage sandwiches in anticipation of a good days tenching at a local club water. It was misty outside which added to the excitement as i started the truck engine and set of to my destination. Upon arrival, a little later than i hoped for, the sun was rising but shrouded by low mist and the water had a lovely whisp floating above it. A classic tench fishers morning.

I spent the next 45minutes watching the water for signs of tench activity but unfortunately all that was showing was a few silver fish, not even a carp was seen to bosh out. Pretty odd really as this is quite a visual lake as you always see fish of one sort or another moving around in the upper layers. A decision was made and i was loaded up and making my way around to the opposite side of the lake where there was a large gap between the slumbering carpers. It amazes me how most carp anglers sleep in late while they are fishing. Early morning is the best time to watch for carp activity, and shortly after setting up i could see a few milling around in front of one dozing carpers swim.

Two rods were set up after a little cast about with the marker float. One was going to be a method with a whittled down white amber strawberry boilie, fished over a large bed of hemp, pellet and some broken up matching boilies fished no more than 15ft from the bank in 8ft of water. The other was maggot fished helicopter style above a maggot feeder cast over a light spread of hemp, pellets and maggots. This was cast 50ft out in roughly 10ft of water. Both rods were to my left in a small kind of bay area.
 It was a nice comfortable swim so after casting out the rods on went the kettle and i sat there contently all at peace with the world. What a load of cobblers, i sat there with a sore finger because i burnt it lighting the stove, a wet hand as i,d spilt my tea, and deafened by the constant roar of the traffic as they thundered up the road behind me. But at least i was fishing!!!!!!!
Well i fished until 2pm and only had the one full blooded run which unfortunately amounted to nothing. I had a few knocks on the method though which is always a good sign. I did see a very large tench roll 10ft from the bank in front of the swim which means i was roughly in the right place. On walking back to the car i saw quite a few carp cruising the margins just below the surface which i reckon means its about time to crack out the floaters.It was an enjoyable mornings fishing which taught me a few more things about the water, now all i need is to actually catch something.................................
                                                        Nettle flower

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