Sunday, 21 September 2014


This time last month i was on holiday in Holt at the very top of Norfolk just a couple of miles from the beautiful North Norfolk coastline. Sharon and i had packed the dogs and usual paraphernalia, along with my fishing gear this time, into the new Green Goddess, Mercedes Vito van, hooked up the Crapavan of Love and pointed her in the direction of the land of the six toed marsh dwellers. It wasn,t too long before we were bumping up the pot holed track towards the farm that we would be staying on for the next week. Quite a nice farm it was too, set in pleasant surroundings just a couple of miles from the coast.

With the caravan set-up and Sharon giving the inside a quick spruce up, it was time for me to go exploring. So with a little tourist map i found in the lobby of shower area on the site i grabbed Oscar and off we went for an hours drive along the coast looking for nice placing to visit later on in the week.

Weybourne beach, on the left, with its beautiful cliffs and long shingle beach is a great place to take a walk.

Salthouse, above picture, is, again, miles of unspoilt, wind swept shingle beach.

 Blakeney, left and right, is a pretty little village with a lovely inland quay and a good place to visit during the evening when not so busy.

I can,t quite remember exactly where this is, but could be either Blakeney Point or Cley.

I also visited a couple of other beaches which were very similar long, shingle and exposed which i could easily have carried on doing for longer but unfortunately the night drew in and it was time to go back to the crapavan. 
Over the course of the week we visited a few of the Norfolk beaches to walk the dogs, and i actually had a few hours fishing, as well as some of our favourite Norfolk places. We love it up there and if all go,s to plan will be moving up there in the coming years. I can,t wait.

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