Sunday, 11 September 2011


Last sunday i couldn,t sleep too well and was wide awake at 4.30am watching the bedroom curtains flutter in the breeze. What was i to do being awake at this ungodly hour!!! A rather impressive fart from the missus shook my senses and had me jumping out of bed getting dressed in the dark, promptly tripping over the dogs, and stumbling down the stairs to make a cuppa before getting my kit ready for a couple of hours sneaky dangling.

The problem was what should i fish for...

I have deadbaits in the freezer ready for the pike but it was forecast to be hot and it still felt too early. I had worms in the fridge which i could use on the perch or even chub on my local river, nah didn,t feel that. Then it hit me, ultralight lure gear for jack pike and hopefully a perch or two. Now that sounded like a good plan so i grabbed my kit and a box full of shads and alphabet lures and away i went to my local river arriving before the sun was even up...

My first spot was my banker swim in between two boats where i,ve had numerous perch on livebaits and worms. First cast with my favourite little white Super Sandra and i get a little tug on the retrieve, my fishey senses are tingling now. Next cast and my jig jig drop, jig jig drop retrieve is hammered by something with teeth. After a brief tussle a lovely striped perch of around 1.5lb ended up in my net.

After i returned this little fighter i recast to the same area and started to retrieve my Sandra, but this time i kept her up in the water a little and at a smooth steady pace. As she came past the boat she got well and truly grabbed by something considerably bigger than the previous fish. By the thump thump thump on the rod tip i presumed it was a perch and shortly i saw the shadow or a real bigger loom out of the weeds. Then it let go, bollix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a big beastie, i,ve had them to 3lb 12oz in this swim and that fish looked bigger. Nevermind it certainly got the juices flowing for the perching i plan to do this season.

After a few more casts i moved swims and managed a nice little jack pike which thrashed around on the surface throwing water everywhere. Its good when they do that but it does tend to kill the swim i think, so i moved a few more times but no luck. Just as the sun was getting quite warm and bright, about 8.30am, i decided to have one more cast in my banker swim before setting of home and my little Sadra was engulfed by a fat little pike or about 5lb. Now that was good fun playing him on my ultrlight gear as he gave me the right run around. I even had the audience of one of the boat owners who took pictures while i played him. I should of asked him to copy the pics for really.

After that i took a drive to another spot on a nearby river and had half hour tossing the lures there but the water was low and clear which didn,t help me in anyway but it was enjoyable none the less.

All in all i had a most enjoyable couple of hours lure fishing in the early hours. Unfortunately by the afternoon i was a little worse for wear not having much sleep and ended up snoozing on the sofa for the afternoon. So much for getting the tiling getting done that i,d promised her ladyship i,d do.  Oooooppppss!!!!!!

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