Saturday, 12 November 2011


Few weeks ago i took delivery of my new toy, a second hand viper icon bait boat. I bought this because i,m planning on fishing a large water this winter for pike and its hopefully going to help me fish some of the distant areas. Well as you can guess i was gagging to try it out, especially as i also bought a fish finder for it as well, so on a rainy sunday morning i was set up on a local gravel at first light with everything ready for her maiden voyage.
I took her for a trip around my swim to get a feel for the controls and also to see what the bottom was like. This really surprised me as the contour of this lake is a lot more uneven than i thought, with troughs and humps rising and falling by 2-3ft here and there. I located a nice channel about 60 yds out which was behind a weed bed which i dropped a bait on. Then a hole 20 yds out which you wouldn,t guess was there as it was in the middle of a weedbed, so a bait went there as well. Finally i sent a floatfished roach out to an area where i saw some grebes working out in the middle and let that drift around with the wind about 4ft of the bottom in 10ft of water. The traps were set in areas i wouldn,t really of fished.

Well to cut to the chase i didn,t manage to bank any pike but i did get takes from all the spots i found, especially the float set, which i,ve done well on on this pit, which is great as far as i,m concerned as i probably wouldn,t of fished them if i hadn,t used the boat. I packed up about midday, as had family arrangements, a wet but very happy man. My bait boat performed admirably, i found some nice spots for the future, and i enjoyed myself using a new technique.

By the way i believe the reason i didn,t manage to land the takes i had was because of the heavy weed in the water. I felt the fish but it felt dull as though there was weed on the line. Thats my excuse and i,m sticking with it.........

Keep hauling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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