Thursday, 1 December 2011

AHOY ME HEARTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After waiting for ages I,ve finally managed to get my custom fishing dinghy afloat. My Dad has made this from scratch in glassfibre to my specifications, its only a small easily manageble 8ft 6in glassfibre dinghy which has been built to take two big blokes and a bit of tackle. The idea being that I can use it on a couple of local rivers as well as take it up the Fens and use it on a few of the drains and smaller rivers there.
It may look small but its perfectly formed. Its got a flat floor which has glassfibre sealed epu foam beneath it which gives it exceptionally bouyancy so this baby isn,t going to sink. With the moulded ribs its also really stable. And thats a 4hp yamaha on the back which pushes it along lovely.
We used it on a local river and poodled of to fish behind some boats at a near by marina christened her in style with Ryan managing 2 perch over 2lb to just under 3lb. I had 2 pike of 3lb and 8lb on my livies as well as a lovely perch of 2lb 10oz. Oddly I caught these three fish on small live perch I,d caught earlier, a bait I,ve not used before as I,d heard that it wasn,t much good. Well I,ve decided that I,ll be using them in the future thats for sure
I,m looking forward to giving this little fish catching machine a good try out over the next few months. Also I,ve just bought a 12ft open kayak which is manageable by one person so that will be good fun for me as well.............

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