Thursday, 23 August 2012


Since returning from holiday i,ve only managed one over night session on my syndicate water. Unfortunately this didn,t result in any carp on the bank but i did have 6 screaming runs which resulted in 6 good thumps on the rod as lifted into them which then resulted in me reeling in 6 great big balls of weed with no fish hidden inside. This water is a nightmare as there is so much weed in it making it really hard to find a clear spot. And when you find a spot to place a bait when you finally get a run the carp lodge tight in a nearby weedbed as soon as you pick the rod up. I will get to grips with the place, i just need to spend a bit more time there.

I did manage this cracking rudd on a zig rig with a small imitation beetle on the hook. First time i,ve used a zig before. Unfortunately it didn,t register a take and i only realised it was there when i reeled in. It has given me a little idea about trying for the rudd with smaller zigs on my lighter gear sometime though. I reckon that could be good fun.

I said a couple of posts back that i was going to be cooking better quality food on the bank from now on, so heres my first recipe for you to try out.


Pour boiling water over a pack of chow mein noodles as per instructions. Drain and place to one side.

Chop up some peppers, onions and mushrooms and lightly fry until they soften. Then add a little soy sauce, a little fish sauce and a little five spice. I,d already mixed these at home to save time, you could chop the veg at home too. When done tip the veg in with the drained noodles.

I,d bought some ready chopped turkey from the supermarket to make life easier. Chuck it in the same pan as you cooked the veg in and brown until cooked all the way through. Add a little more of the sauce type stuff then tip the veg and noodles back in the pan with the meat and stir until everything is warmed through.

DONE !!!!!!!!!

The finished dinner. Tastes lovely eaten in the sunshine listening to the wildlife on the bank.

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