Monday, 1 October 2012


Heres another nice easier recipe for cooking on the bank whilst waiting for a screaming run.


First gently fry some sliced red onions and mushrooms in a little oil until nice and soft. Then tip onto a plate ready for the next stage. I used ready sliced onions and ready sliced mixed mushrooms as it was easier.

Next season your steak on both sides with salt and black pepper and chuck in the pan. Have your heat turned high to get a good colour. Cook until its done how you like it, rare medium etc. I like my medium well done so it took about 10 minutes or so.

Then tip your onions and mushrooms back in the pan with the steak and let all the flavours mix for a minute.

Next pour a packet of the Brandy and peppercorn sauce around the edge of the steak and heat for a few minutes until its bubbling, then stir it all about with the onions and mushrooms. I,ve cheated by using this ready made sauce from asda, but can asure you i won,t do it again as it wasn,t really to my taste. I,ll make my home made cracked black peppercorn sauce next time as its really easy and much tastier.

Place your steaks on your plate and then pour on the sauce, onions and mushrooms. Lovely.

Easily cooked and only took just over 15 mins from start to chomping.

Give it a try, its really easy and damn tasty too.....

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