Saturday, 14 April 2012


I just thought i,d post a picture of my new toy which i,m hoping will give me hours of fishing fun.
Shes really lightweight so I can pop her on my shoulder and walk a good distance with her if I choose. I bought the glassfibre hull from a chappy not far from Downham Market and had my Dad fit the gunnels, seats and ancillaries for me. She looks great and I can,t wait to give her a maiden voyage.

My plans are to use her on a couple of local small rivers where I can get to areas where its not feasible to bank fish ( and not allowed). Also I fancy having a go at bass fishing from her as a local estaury where I have found some good bass ground has little current and would be ideal to trot a float fished peeler crab down tide or even have a go at lure fishing for them. I might even take her up the Fens and try a couple of drains.

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