Friday, 17 May 2013


Firstly i must apologise for not posting for a few months as i have been busy with the tackle business, WATERBOUYS TACKLE, and moving house. All has settled down now and hopefully back to normal.

I have managed a bit of fishing though, and actually managed to catch some fish as well, woohoo....

I had some great fun at the back end of the season catching small pike, on little float fished livebaits meant for perch, on a local river. No decent size perch though but i didn,t really mind as the pike always scrap well on my light Avon rod.

I thoroughly enjoyed catching some crucian carp from a small farm pond located on the same plot as Waterbouy Towers. I havn,t caught a crucian for more years than i care to remember. I used to fish nights catching them with my Dad when i was a teenager, using small pieces of breadflake fished a rod length out just over the nearside shelf. My Dad always beat me on size and quantity even though we,d practically have the floats a couple feet away from each other and fish the same bait and depth.
I caught this low double figure common carp whilst fishing lobworm for perch on a local club water one afternoon. I can asure you it went like a train on 5lb line and a light quivertip rod. Unfortunately i never did catch any perch from this water even though it has all the classic features you,d link to big perch haunts. There is big perch rumoured to be in there but i,m not sure where abouts, maybe i,ll give it another go this winter.

I,ve been having a little play with the video camera on my phone as well and quite looking forward to doing a bit more. Might even nick her ladyships video camera and do it properly sometime.

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