Monday, 9 December 2013


I managed an afternoon after the perch on a local venue 2 weeks ago as i was ' itchin to go a fishin'. The weather wasn,t the best for perch fishing as the sun was strong with only a slight breeze to ruffle the waters surface. First task was to catch a handful of silvers to use as bait, my favourite technique being free roaming a small roach beneath a 1 swan shot loafer incorporating a 9 inch wire trace with a small semi barbed treble hook attached at the end. This set up has accounted for a lot of good perch upto 3lb 14oz as well as pike to upper doubles.

As per usual a couple of micro pike snaffled my livies and put up turbo charged fights on my light gear, but they soon paid a short visit to the bank.

The speed of these small pike is quite amazing. I could see their every twist and turn through the clear water as i was wearing that most vital item of fishing kit, polarised glasses. Small they may of been but they still had some impressive chompers....

After a couple of moves i managed my first perch of 1-1.5lb. That was soon followed by a couple of perch around the half pound mark before i set off to fish an area 100 yards away.

I had another couple of small perch before the sun started to set and i left for home and my dinner. I did see a very good size perch chase some fry from beneath a boat which was a nice sight to see.

All in all a nice way to spend an afternoon even if i didn,t connect with one of the biggies that live in this stretch.

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