Monday, 24 February 2014


On saturday whilst sitting in  t he office working on my website i got the urge to have a go with some soft lures on a local river and try and catch a perch or two. I dug out my lightweight kit, picked some soft shads and set off to fish the River Chelmer for an hour or so before going home for some scran. When i got there the river was as expected, a milky tea colour and pushing through a bit. I walked for a mile or so tossing 3 inch kopyto,s into every likely looking spot but not even a nibble. I kind of expected this as the sun was high and strong and there was a stiff breeze blowing. After about an hour i admitted defeat and trudged back to the van, but before setting off for home i crossed the bridge and spoke to a guy fishing for chub on the opposite side of the lock to where i had been fishing. While i was chatting with him i noticed a lot of dace topping in the slower water so decided on 5 mins fishing there before going. Because of the water colour i decided to try a bright golden orange soft four play and flipped it across the river. After 5 casts or so i had a thump and pulled into a spirited pike of about 4lb which scrapped all the way to the bank. Unfortunately i forgot to take a picture as i was that surprised at catching. I slipped him back, grabbed my gear and set of for home most happy with my 1.5 hours lure fishing. I must do it more often.

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