Sunday, 6 July 2014


 I havn,t been able to get any fishing in for the past couple of weeks as work and other commitments have been getting in the way. The closest i,ve got to actually fishing is walking the dogs along the River Crouch at Creeksea on Walleasea Island. It was well worth it though as walking along this river reminds me how beautiful the Essex countryside can be.
 This beautiful old building greets you as you drive onto Wallasea Island. I,m guessing it was used by shellfish catchers in years gone by.

Remnants of an old boat in one of the little creeks.
Looking along the Creek towards Creeksea on the opposite bank.

Oscar surveying the area whilst sitting on a lrge tree section that someone has placed for a seat.

I,ve taken a few videos here as well, just messing about with my phone to be honest but the videos have come out pretty good i think.

Harry having a swim and Oscar having a paddle. For some reason we can,t get Oscar to swim voluntarily

 A little panoramic view from Burnham on Crouch to Althorne.

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