Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Well after posting last week that i havn,t managed to get out on the bank lately i finally managed a couple of hours at first light sunday. Although the fishing didn,t set the world on fire, actually being by the river and watching the sun come up was exactly what i needed to bring a smile to my face for more upcoming extension works. I wish i had taken some pictures of the sunrise as it was a beautiful one marking the start of a glorious sunny day. It was surprisingly fresh too, which i wasn,t expecting, with a bite in the air which warned that winter is just round the corner.

Anyway back to the fishing. I decided a while ago that i wanted to give dropshotting a good try but as yet hadn,t had the time to put the technique to task. So Sunday morning all i took was a small 'bum bag' type thingy stuffed full of small shads. worms etc  ready for some perch action. With just rod, net and bag i strolled along the river to a marina area that i know always holds perch as i thought this was probably the best place to practice this technique. From the first cast i was getting tiny little plucks being transmitted along the braid mainline which boosted my confidence straight away. But it was only after an hour or so that i actually managed to hook into something.

Although only small it gave a good account of its self on the lightweight rod set-up. I actually watched this little fella stalk and take my lure as it was only a few feet out in about 4 foot of water. In fact during the coarse of my session i watched numerous perch and small pikelets follow and pluck at the tail of my lure. I think they liked the glitter flashing from the belly of the lure, and i also think that maybe the lure looks like a minnow as well.

Because of the amount of follows and knocks i was getting i changed lures a few times to smaller offering but only had the one take which quickly came off. A change back to the original lure and i was getting knocks again. Maybe the lure was a bit too big so i,m going to hunt down something similar, i can,t remember where i bought this one or what its called, but smaller and give that a try next time. I could get into this drop shot fishing mallarkey as you can fish the method whilst observing whats going on around you as the light weight rod and braid set-up allows you to feel whats happening at the business end.

I,m going to try and grab a few eveing sessiond over the next couple of weeks as i,m working just a stones throw from a local river so its got to be worth a go...

TIGHT LINES ALL............

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