Sunday, 24 June 2018


So after coming back from my French trip i havn,t exactly had a lot of spare time to get the rods out, so the thinking cap was donned to see how i could get a couple hours dangling in so that i could scratch that nagging angling itch.

After finishing work a little earlier than planned i couldn't take it anymore and grabbed a little bit of kit and two of my 9ft stalking rods and took a walk to the local park lake. I,ve fished here a couple of times over the past few years but with its location by a main road being noisy and the fact you get some right old 'Roughuns' wandering the banks sometimes, its not exactly my ideal water. Anyway ignoring the negatives and focusing on the positives, lots of hungry carp,  i opted to give it the evening.
Fishing small pva bags full of pellets or stick mix i cast regularly to the ends of the near margin trees in search of a bite. You could see the carp rolling and patrolling these areas regularly so it made sense to fish in close rather than launch to the island or middle of the lake. As soon as the rods were in the rests the bobbins were twitching as hungry fish fed on the free offerings. This water also holds a good head of tench and apparently some big roach, also some BIG eels if the rumours are true. It didn,t take too long before a full blooded run happened and after a spirited fight, it took me into the trees a couple of times, a nice mirror of about five pounds or so was on the mat.

Because of the previous disturbance i decided to move swims and after half hour, i guess, i was into another mirror of similar size. They don,t half scrap on my 9ft rods, great stuff. Another move and Sharon paid me a visit as she got of the train from work, followed shortly by a fighting fit common of about 4lb. Over the next hour i had another few takes but didn,t connect and managed another small mirror before calling it a night and heading home via the kebab shop.

Its not my favourite kind of water to fish but its worth wetting a line every now and then as its good for a fish or two, all be it small ones. There is fish into twenties apparently but i can guess you have to wade through the smaller ones to get a larger specimen. I will return at some point.

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