Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Well i spent the day pike fishing my local syndicate water today to check its potential for the toothy ones as i,ve only fished it once for them. After moving 3 times during the coarse of the day and trying all many of techniques, including various lures, deadbaits on the bottom, deadbaits popped up, free roaming livebaits, sunken float paternostered livebaits and very nearly dynamite, i blanked. The weather was perfect, overcast and a nice bit of wind. The water was perfect, a good bit of clarity and a foot up. I was in the right frame of mind but still no fish. The only interesting part of the day was the homemade turkey and veg soup i had for my lunch and taking some pics of a goose as it limped around behind me.

I think it had a damaged wing as when i tried to get closer to take some piccies it just limped off.

Oh well if we caught every time we went fishing it would get boring i guess. I think its time to have some perch fun on a couple of local rivers, i,ll let you know how i get on.

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