Sunday, 12 January 2014


This past few weeks has seen me exploring local marks in the hope that i may find a couple of good ones for a quick fix of fishing over the coming year. I moved back to the Southend area 6 months ago and although i lived here for 6 years about 15 or so years ago it all seems a bit different. I,ve been checking out a few areas i used to fish all those years ago and its had me reminiscing of good times past.

With all these thoughts of the fishing i,ve done in the past i decided that i wanted to fish the places that i used to when i was in my late 20,s. The first place i wanted to try was the platforms near the Westcliff Leisure Center as i used to have some good fishing from these casting towards the end of the groynes and towards the moored boats. Unfortunately they are no longer there which was a disappointment, but with my gear in the van it wasn,t too long before i was at my next destination, Old Leigh....

I set up in front of the seats at Bell Wharfe as i used to all those years ago, and cast into the deep gully that still lay 20 yards out from the concrete quay.

Its was a beautiful evening for a few hours fishing but unfortunately all i had was a few rattles on the rod tips to show there was any life out there. Still i did manage to take a few decent photos, not too bad really considering they were taken on my Iphone.

I also had a little look at the beach in nearby Chalkwell, just in front of the railway station, and that looks like a good place to try at some point. This morning we took the dogs for a walk along the beach at Thorpe Bay and there was a couple of areas i remember seeing guys fish from that we walked too. Maybe i,ll give it a go there too at some point.....


  1. Great article Bryan, and a nice blog in general. I spent my childhood in Leigh and remember fishing Belle Wharf (flounders were very small, and lots of ropes) Westcliff Leisure Centre, Thorpe Bay, the Pier, and later on in life, the Crouch in various places. I find myself now living near Mersea, with the north shore of the Blackwater within easy reach. So I too know the charm of the Essex estuaries. Pity the bass fishing isn't what it was, but that's another story. Good work. Geoff. (fishbonkers on WSF and Roker Ron).

  2. Hi Geoff, thanks for your comments I quite enjoy writing for my blog but need to do it more often and keep it upto date.
    Theres still some good bass to be in the Blackwater estuary, but they are kept a bit hush hush lol.
    I walk my dogs quite often at Mersea, along the beach at low tide at the country park end. I,ve seen mullet swirling around my Golden Retreiver as he swims 30 yards out on the incoming tide and keep meaning to take a rod with me to have a try for them. One day, too many fish not enough time.