Sunday, 11 May 2014


I,ve just sat here and watched Alan Blair from Nash Tackle fame do a half video of fishing for carp on a council park lake. This water is actually a 5 minute walk from where I live and I have actually fished it a couple of times with surface tactics for the ravenous carp that live beneath the surface. Theres quite a lot of carp in the water so I,m lead to believe as it was restocked a few years ago when it received new management. I don,t think theres anything really big in there but I have heard rumours of the odd twenty showing up. It does get fished a lot by the local kids and chavs, but generally its not too bad a place.
With this video in mind and the fact that its only a short walk down the road and also the fact that the light stays with us longer now I,ve decided to give the place a try for a carp or 2 soon. I,m not going to be doing an overnight session, I don,t think I,m brave enough for that, but I will give it a few hours during the evening during the week when hopefully the banks will be a little quieter.

In preparation I,ve bought some mixed micro pellets recently and I,ll try using a whittled down boilie or pellet coupled with a small pva bag of these and probably just try a chod rig on the other rod and cast to any showing fish. I,ve not used the chod rig that much so I,ll try it here as a confidence boost.  I don,t really like fishing these sort of waters as I prefer the more seclude, quite and remote places to fish, but as its easy to get to and just round the corner its got to be worth a try rather than sitting in front of the telly during the evening.

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