Monday, 10 July 2017


Well i,ve fished the syndicate twice more since i last posted about the place but unfortunately have not been successful in catching any carp. I have however caught more bream than i was hoping for and learned more about the place which is always a good thing.

My free time has been very limited over the past couple of months so i havn,t been able to put as much effort into fishing the place as i had hoped, but on the couple of trips i,ve made i,m slowly getting to grips with fishing such a large water for so few fish. One thing i have noticed is that the lure anglers both on the boats and on the bank can be a bit of a pain in the arse. I,m all for letting everyone enjoy their fishing but when lures get chucked over your lines from the next swim down because they ' didn,t notice you mate' and boats anchor up above your baits 50 yards in front of your swim and then the guys argue that they are only fishing mid-water upwards and that it won,t spook the carp on the bottom, it does get a bit frustrating. But thats fishing i guess..........

I,m hoping to be on the banks in the next couple of weeks so i,ll post on here how i get on.

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