Tuesday, 24 October 2017


So a couple of weeks ago I re-joined a syndicate I had been a member of a good few years ago. It's a beautiful water of roughly 25 acres with plenty of features to fish too and some pretty impressive common carp to fish for, as well as some big mirrors, big rudd and apparently some good size perch.

After joining I fished the following weekend hoping or some action as the weather was spot on and I was looking forward to returning. Well as you,d expect I blanked, much the usual for me,but then so did everyone else fishing the lake. So I didn't,t feel too bad after all. Although I didn,t catch anything I did have a sharp short take on my second morning, and I did learn a few things about the area I was fishing. 

One thing I did notice was some big perch striking at the shoals of small fish in my swim. By. The disturbance they made I reckon they were of a good size so definitely worth a try for in the future.
  I had a visit from the owners dog on my first morning and got robbed of a few biscuits for  quick photo and a slobbery face lick.

I,ll be back there soon to try for an Autumn carp and maybe a perch or two....

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