Friday, 18 February 2011


I don,t know what is causing it, but at the moment all i can think of is getting back to the river and having another go for the perch. I love fishing for most species of fish and at this time of year i,m normally targeting pike, zander and perch with the odd beach fishing trip thrown in. But this winter its been perch at the top of my list, both on river and a small stillwater i know off that has thrown up quite a few 3lbers, not to my rods i hasten as all i,ve managed from there is double figure carp to a pleasing 17lbs on my worm and perch tackle. Great fun on my light tackle i can asure you, but not my chosen species.
I even bought a freezer load of deadbaits from Uncle Fickling at the beginning of the pike season and have barely used any.
I,m not complaining mind you as i have beaten my perch pb this winter and have had a good few more 3lbers, but would like to bag some nice pike or maybe a couple of zeds. But whenever the weekend comes around its always the perch rods that are getting checked in readiness.
Oh well no matter what i fish for i always enjoy myself............

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