Tuesday, 4 June 2013


A week ago i had another go for the tench on a local water for a couple of hours after work. I,m really enjoying this style of fishing, turning up around 6.30 in the evening with 2 rods and only a small amount of gear, having a wander around the lake looking for signs of fish before settling in my chosen swim until dark then off home for a cuppa and bed. I,m lucky that the lake i,ve chosen is only 2 mins away from where i live, and although is fished quite heavily by the day ticket crowd, it is still an attrctive water with plety of areas you can tuck yourself away in.

Anyway after choosing my swim with a big reedbed to my left and a small island to my right i proceeded to set up. I now leave my rods all set up now so not to lose time having to retie leadcore etc, all i have to do is clip on a new hooklink and slide on a lead and i,m fishing. On one rod a opted for a stick mix and boilie approach cast to the bottom of the shelf around the small island, mainly in hope of a passing carp. The other rod had 2 pieces of balanced artificial corn and a small pva bag of pellets cast to the reeds as i had seen a tench roll there earlier. I,ve been using the Gardner Target range of leadclips and swivels as they are smaller than the carp size ones, along with a size 12 or 14 Pallatrax The Hook, my favourite hook of late. The pellets were micro Hinders Snailz pellets, my favourites, and i gave the bag a few drops of the  sweetcorn flavour Korda Goo.

By the end of my few hours fishing i had managed around 8 bream upto 3lb and 2 tench of around the 3-3.5lb mark. Great fishing, although i found that once the bream get a taste of the pellets they get to be a pain, causing the bobbins to constantly dance around as soon as the pva melted. In the i had to tighten the indicators to the rod and wait for a proper run instaed of hitting each twitch. I may have missed a few tench bites but so far all the tench i,ve caught here have screamed of once hooked so i don,t think it makes much of a difference.

I think next time i fish there i might take a float rod along as there seems to be some big roach and rudd swimming about. I,ve seen some big fish roll which i,m pretty sure weren,t tench or bream.

I had an audience for most of my time there. They made me feel hungry, mmmmmmm crispy duck pancakes!!!!!!!!

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