Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Last thursday i took the afternoon of work and took my Dad sea fishing as we havn,t fished together much over the past few years. The venue i chose is close to Waterbouy Towers but requires a key to gain access through a farmers gate , you then have a mile track to follow before you are at the bottom of the sea defense wall, there you have access to about 5 miles of sea defense wall that you can fish. After a little look around we settled for a nice looking spot which already had water lapping at the bottom of the sea wall.

After half hour we both had our rods tackled up and cast out in the hope of bass and thornback rays, in fact we were happy with any fish that should tug our string. Baits consisted of ragorm, whole and chopped squid, herring fillets and mackeral strips to tip off. There was a bit of a fresh wind blowing which meant we had to don warm clothes.

 As we sat chatting about this and that, Oscar the wonder dog wore himself out running too and fro along the sea wall, i,m not sure who enjoyed the day most, us or Oscar.

We didn,t have any action until an hour after high water when my Dad had a nice little run of 4 bass pick up his ragworm baits cast around 50yards out. He also missed a few bites as well.

Not the biggest bass in the world but they were most welcome and definately got the juices flowing for another trip up there in the next week or so.

I opened my account shortly afterwards with the worlds smallest dogfish, so cute. Followed by the first sea run eel i,ve caught for a good 10 years, then a bass of a slightly smaller size than those of Dads.

We packed up around 3 hours after high water as the tide was starting to creep away and i reckon even at 75 yards we were only fishing in 3ft of water. We had quite a few knocks which didn,t materialise so there was definately a good few fish out there which looks very promising for future trips. I still fancy a thornback ray but times running out so i,ll have to get my act together soon and have another go.

Overall it was a cracking few hours fishing made even better by the company of my Dad. Cheers Daddio, get some rigs tied as i reckon next weeks gotta be worth a try........

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