Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I,M BAACCKKKK............

Its been a while since i last posted anything on here. Unfortunately the trappings of modern life have caught up with me and like the rest of the country i,ve been feeling the financial pinch so have been working extra hours to make ends meet. I,ve actually designed and built 3 different websites for my various ventures recently. My main income being the design, construction, modification and maintenance of ornamental garden/koi ponds, . The second site is for a new venture of mine manufacturing fibreglass model boat hulls for the modelling community, . And finally i,ve been running an online tackle shop for the past year but have recently been building a new website as the old one wasn,t up to my standards. This will be an ongoing project as i,m increasing stock every week,

Although i,ve been working long hours i,ve still managed to have a couple of short holidays with my fair lady Sharon. We,ve taken our touring caravan to Norfolk twice for a nice chilled, relaxing few days doing nothing but walking the dogs and eating good food.

The beautiful beaches of Sea Palling looking towards Waxham. We love this beach as it seems to go on forever. We did manage to see a couple of seals one day at Waxham. Sharon has some good pictures of them.
If only i had taken my sea fishing gear as this beach screams bass.

As you can see Sharon is seriously into her photography, she must of taken hundreds of pictures while we tripping around the sights of Norfolk. Sharon has recently taken a City and Guilds photography course which she passed with 2 merits and a distinction. She,s really chuffed with her results and i,m proud of her as i know how much hard work she has put into the course.

 Ive been taking a few pictures too. Heres Oscar up close and personal at Sea Palling. He loved running up and down the beach splashing about along the tide line. Harry preferred to just swim around

Here is the pair of our hounds playing around in the seaweed at a local river mark where i like to have a little bash for the bass. Its a beautiful place to take the dogs for walk, especially early on a sunday morning when everyone else is still tucked up in their beds. I love the smell of the salt water and listen to the waders and wildfowl as i walk of the troubles of the previous week as the dogs run here and there along the tideline.

I have actually managed a couple fishing trips recently but i have the pictures on my computer back at my office so i,ll have to update you at a later date.

Until next time wrap up warm as winters is coming. Toodles.......

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