Thursday, 24 October 2013


With a heavy heart i had to sell my lovely little fishing dinghy a couple of weekends ago. Unfortunately due to my fishing partner not having enough time to actually go fishing i have not been able to use here as she is just too heavy for me to handle up and down the bank let alone put on the top of my van. So my plans are to build a lightweight fibreglass flat bottomed punt style fishing dinghy that i can handle on my lonesome. Watch this space...

 A couple of years ago i bought a kayak hull from a chap who makes them in the Fens. I then employed the talents of my Daddio to build the rest using some very expensive hardwood i had left over from a decking job i did. And he did me proud as always and i had a cracking looking kayak ready to paddle up the river. Until 2 weeks ago the only water it saw was when i gave it a hose down when it got dirty in my warehouse.

 That all changed one saturday afternoon recently as i was bored in the office and for some reason decided it would be a good idea to take the kayak out for her maiden voyage on a local river, right there and right then. Up on the van she went, rope, paddles and life vest were duely thrown in the back and i was on the banks of the river within 15 minutes, then the fun began. I,m 6ft tall and weigh 17stone and it didn,t matter how carefully i tried the bleeding thing kept tipping as i tried to gently step into her to push of from the bank. Eventually with the agility of a hippo i hopped into the kayak and pushed off from the bank to the sounds of clapping from a family i hadn,t noticed where watching me from a nearby bridge. Famous at last......

I then spent a really enjoyable few hours paddling along areas of the river i had never been too before, off course noting all the likely areas to bag a fish or two on future trips. The kayak was a litle bit too wobbly for my liking really but i,m going to make a pair of outriggers for her so she is more stable when i anchor for a wee spot of dangling. She was ok while i paddled alone though.

All in all i had a cracking time paddling around, watching the ducks and swans drift by and seeing the shoals or silver fish burst out of the water as i spooked them. I will definately be doing it again thats for sure.

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