Friday, 11 April 2014


I,ve been sitting in the office at WATERBOUY towers this afternoon bored stiff and not really wanting to do any actual work. So i,ve been surfing the web and gathering information on fishing for and catching stingrays from my local coastline, as well as browsing the various fishing related groups on facebook. One group in particular has been keeping my attention and that is the FISHING PHOTOGRAPHY group, and as the name suggests its about sharing fishing related pictures. Some of the pictures are fantastic, not just through the composition or clarity or anything technical like that, but simply because they evoke the feelings that you get when you turn up on the banks of certain waters and you feel relaxed, at piece and excited all at once. I,ve posted a couple of my pictures on there too and had a few likes which is nice, but really i,m just happy to browse through the picture that some of the other chaps have posted. With this in mind i,ve trolled through my fishing picture archive and would like to share some of my favourite pictures with you.

Each of these pictures been a lot to me each in their own way, from the toadstall which reminds me of my trips to Estonia, the big water shots from when i was in Canada, the frozen shots of my local river a couple of years ago, to the picture of my dog Oscar in his neoprene jacket on his first fishing trip with me. All of them bring me a smile and warm fuzzy feeling, isn,t that what its all about...........

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