Monday, 2 January 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my fellow danglers out there...

I guess a round up of the highs and lows of my years fishing would be in order at this point. Except that i,ve barely set foot on the bank this past year. Work and building my extension has literally taken over my life, resulting in not having much free time and when i do i,m generally too knackered to lift my lazy arse outta the bed.

I have had a few short sessions and thoroughly enjoyed myself, even though catch results have been pretty poor. But as they say that,s why its called 'fishing' and not 'catching'.

Highlights of my year, not fishing related, have been getting more and more interested in photography, Earlier in the year i purchased a Canon 7D mk11 so i could use it to take better quality pictures of the local wildlife, although time has restricted me to limited use so i,m still learning about the camera and the various settings, jargon etc. A couple of months back i had a right result and bought a secondhand canon 400mm lens for a song. Only managed to use it a couple of times buts its a cracker.

The downside of this year was losing both of our dogs, Harry the Golden Retriever and Oscar the Springer Spaniel, to serious illness withing 3 months of each other. I can,t begin to describe how its felt losing one, let alone both of our hairy companions so quickly. The house has never felt so empty since they,ve been gone. You couldn,t of asked for gentler, happier more loving pooches than those two brothers in arms.


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